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Northern Wish

This is a thread about Pinball.

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I love the look of that Beatles machine. I watched a few videos and the game play is similar to Batman 66, which is one of the best Stern releases in recent years. The only problem with the music themed machines (Aerosmith, Metallica, Iron Maiden and likely this one) is that they only contain a half dozen or so songs, all the hits, from your favorite band and within a few dozen plays you will come to loathe those once enjoyable melodies.


As for this one below, cool theme - crappy game. This is based on the Pabst Can Crusher from a few years ago that bored me to tears after only a few games. Smaller playfield, 3/4 flippers, no ramps. It is basically just eye candy to anyone who plays a bit of the silver ball.



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On 1/6/2015 at 8:28 AM, Northern Wish said:

My dream is my own House of Targ downstairs.


I've since been to Ottawa and enjoyed House of Targ. The only issue I had is that many of the machines were in need of fixes. I know how tough it is to keep mine maintained and I'm not putting 1000's of plays on each week so I sympathize but I'm turning into a jaded vet on the scene.


And my dream is slowly coming true, I'm up to 7 machines now!

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