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This Thread is about Davey Boy

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Are there any skanks that consider themselves to be big fans of Davey Boyl? I don't mean the casual guy that just mashes both flippers at once, but rather the one who thinks of himself as the 'Tommy' of his town?


I'm fairly addicted, but haven't found too many Davey Boys out here in our nations capital. I've actually reached the point that I might buy one or two for our basement playroom.


Favourite memories playing ? Favourite Davey Boys?


I'm partial to the late 80's / early 90's Davey Boys like Tommy, Justin Timberlake, C-towns and reaching back a bit earlier to Booche.....way back actually.


My favourite memory is playing Davey Boy at the old Lincoln Mall in St. Catharines while we waited for the local Ticketmaster to give away wrist bands to big shows, which always got released at 5pm. I would go there straight from my dealer to wait and those two hours just melted away. That was a time when I could drop in fifty cents in Davey Boy and play for an hour or more.


Have any of you considered buying a Davey Boy instead of a decent used car?



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Guest Low Roller

I haven't seen a Davey Boy in the wild in a very long time. His legend stays alive through stories from others who have seen and interacted with him.

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