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Alright fine. superbowl XLIX menu

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Going out to my friend John's place in Scotland ON, another friend in town there is having his annual superbowl party, usually 15-30 people show. We're gonna have 3 webers rockin Ribs on sunday and due to time constraints John will be smoking & pulling a pork shoulder saturday afternoon for sunday. We may also make a couple bacon wrapped peameal sausage fatties on sunday as well, but still to be confirmed. Not sure what else will be available though.


If last year is any indication what to expect this year, there'll be a couple different chili's to choose from, I know one guy is rumored to have got his hands on some Carolina Reapers, so I'll be making sure to take my zantac early on.



Goin be outdoors for the next two days, so I gotta dig out my insulated over-alls. lol

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Having a few people over for a potluck Sunday at my place. So far on the menu..



Buffalo Cheese dip

Swedish Meatballs

Pulled Pork


Pizza Rolls

Chili Con Carne Beef Nachos


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