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21 minutes ago, Booche said:

I almost cried watching that cover of Never Been To Spain.

One of my very first cassettes via Columbia House. Part of the free 13 you could pick - The Best Of 3 Dog Night.

I had that one too. I'd have to dig in storage, but there's a chance I still have it. I know I have all the CDs still that never arrived at my house.😇

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Now THAT is one helluva a camera angle. Holyfuckin' shitballz!!!!!!!!!

I still dont understand what Lenny Breau did and I never will but if anyone ever wants to start a band named Lemmy Bro then count me in. We will do all Lenny Breau songs/covers within a Motorhead vein. Dont Think Twice It's Alright is gonna be a killer closer/encore. 

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