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Wilson Pickett with Duane Allman - Hey Jude  

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Add the info provided on the video (minus the link to a removed video).


A soulful "Dew" from the Grateful Dead's Europe 72 album is synched with scenes from "On the Beach," the film that inspired the writing of the song by Bonnie Dobson. In an interview she had this to say about the connection between the song and film:

"I think it must have been maybe 1960 or 1959, I can't remember, when I saw a film called "On The Beach" and it made a tremendous impression on me, that film. Particularly at that time because everybody was very worried about the bomb and whether we were going to get through the next 10 years. It was a very immediate problem and I remember I was singing in Los Angeles at the Ashe Grove and I sat up all night talking with some friends. I was staying with a girl named Joyce Nastelin(sp) whom I lost contact with, nice woman she was. And I don't know, she went to bed or something and I just sat and suddenly I just started writing this song. I had never written anything in my life. I'd written some poetry as a kid. I'd never written songs and this song just came out and really it was a kind of re-enactment of that film in a way where at the end there is nobody left and it was a conversation between these two people trying to explain what's happening. It was really apocalypse, that was what it was about."

The full interview with Bonnie is here: http://taco.com/roots/dobsoninterview.html

In these scenes Anthony Perkins plays an Australian naval officer who here is spending his last moments with his wife Mary who earlier in the movie freaked out when he tried to show her how to euthanize their baby and kill herself with lethal pills supplied by the government. The man in the garage is Fred Astaire, commiting suicide with the fumes from his beloved race car. Gregory Peck plays a US submarine captian who has just returned from San Francisco, where they found high radiation levels and no survivors. Here he is greeted by Ava Gardner, into who's arms he has fallen as he struggles with acceptance of the fact that his wife and children in the US have all died already.

You can read more about the movie here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Beach_(1959_film)

It's powerful emotionally challenging stuff, but this is what the song "Morning Dew" is all about, these scenes from the end of the movie, so i felt it was worth making a video like this. May we move into a future where the odds of such a tragedy diminish tremendously...


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Jack of Roses

  1. Box of Rain 0:00
  2. Reuben and Cerise 4:53
  3. Talkin' Money Tree 10:08
  4. Friend of the Devil 11:26
  5. Delia DeLyon and Stagger Lee 14:30
  6. Lady of Carlisle 18:09
  7. Book of Daniel 22:29
  8. Terrapin 26:33 a- Lady With a Fan b- Terrapin Station c- Ivory Wheels/Rosewood Track d- Jack O'Roses
  9. Prodigal Town 42:31




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How anyone doesnt love how JRAD is bringing our favorites band's music to another level shocks me. Look no further to C-Towns post as they transition from Let It Grow into Running Down A Dream. This is a band who arent writing songs but are killing killer songs while going inside and out of them like I have never heard.

I would tour with these guys if I was a kid........and then you get Johnny Slayer showing up as a guest.....the Dead's music best keep living on


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