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How did you spend Phil's 75th bday?

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Sure wish it had been this


Phil Lesh and Friends
Phil's 75th Birthday Bash
The Cap Theater
Portchester, NY
15 March 2015

Phil Lesh
Warren Haynes
Eric Krasno
Rob Barraco
John Molo

1st set:
Ripple (PL)
End of the Line (WH)
Althea (RB)
Sunshine of Your Love (WH)>
Sunshine of Your Love (WH)>
Bertha (RB)
Mississippi Half Step (PL)
Short Slide Jam>
Sugaree (WH)

2nd set:
(thunder roll)
Noodles Jam 1>
Playin' in the Band (RB)>
Noodles Jam 2>
Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (WH)>
Holy Shit! Jam>
Mellow Out Jam>
The Wheel (All)>
Wicked Jam>
The Wheel (All)>
WTF Jam>
Broken Arrow (PL, All)>
Smooth Transition Jam>
Terrapin Station (PL, Everyone in the Cap)>
Jazz Up Jam>
Bring it Down Jam>
Midnight Rider (WH)
a moment of silence>
Morning Dew (WH)

Cody Rap
Happy Birthday to Phil!!

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Hey Dave, I believe it's The Allman Brothers but I cant confirm since I havent listened. When I first read it I assumed the Wilbury's without using my brain since Warren Haynes is playing with him on this run (one team member change and this is the PLQ). I dont know how this Eric Krasno is sounding within this ensemble but he is fantastic as a part of Joe Russo's Almost Dead.


Great to read Velvet (and Phorbsie assumed) are there as well as TimmyB! !!!! !!!!!! 


Broken Arron > Terrapin? Are you fucking kidding me? I pretty near shit my pants reading that.


Edit: Oh yeah.......its this dude


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last night's show was superb.  both 3/15 and 3/16 were great but i may have enjoyed last night just a little more, aside from it not being the birthday :)

phil was having a blast. i wish kras was turned up a bit more. i like how they have a little jam at the beginning of every set.

Set 1: Dupree's Diamond Blues, Doin' That Rag, West L.A. Fadeaway, Cosmic Charlie, Alabama Getaway, Here Comes Sunshine > Blue Sky

Set 2: Jam > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Jam > All Along the Watchtower > Viola Lee Blues > Jam > Into the Mystic, Help on the Way > Just A Little Light > Slipknot! > Uncle John's Band > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower E: Stella Blue

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The read of last night's first set is positively superb. Love love love! Those are some of my favorite songs yet ended up getting shelved for whatever reason. Dupree's, Doin' That Rag, Cosmic Charlie and Here Comes Sunshine all within the same set. That's fucking wonderful!


and whenever I read Viola Lee Blues in a set the blood rushes from my brain = awesome.....that 2nd set looks amazing. I love that Warren will throw a Just A Little Light down inside a set that began with Dear Mr Fantasy #BrentMydlandnod


I'm so happy you guys caught these shows.

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I put this 75th Bday show upon arriving home after work this evening.


I was sold on Eric Krasno during Althea. He and Warren are fantastic together. There was a bit during the first set during some jam that Warren Haynes was perfectly teasing Terrapin Station. Right off the bat this first set suggests a wicked time to come.


By the way Jaimoe, it's the Allman's End Of The Line.



Perfect fun

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