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New Grateful Dead SBDs?

Guest Low Roller

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If you are only going to get one of these, I highly recommend the 02-28-1969 - it's absolutely fucking fantastic. The disparity between the Pigpen 'blues' and the 'other' stuff is a perfect contrast in styles. This show provides a rainbow glimpse into what their future could become even though they were right in the middle of it. God bless the Grateful Dead.


Not to mention the sound on this...............holyfuckballs


Hey Davey Boy 2.0 - I would suspect this is a good candidate to play for that gallantful guy although some of it might be too raw :rolleyes:





t01.Intro-Morning Dew
t02.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
t03.Doin That Rag
t04.King Bee
t05.Turn On Your Lovelight



t06.Intro-Cryptical Suite
t07.Dark Star
t08.Saint Stephen
t09.The Eleven
t10.Death Dont Have No Mercy
t14.Caution Do Not Stop On Tracks
t16.We Big You Goodnight

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