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GD50 Final Show to be played at Cineplex theatres across Canada

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Ill probably end up at a Cineplex after work on the Sunday... snoots in effect.


You Might As Well, might as well

The Don Mills / Eglinton cinema is showing it and it's on your way home !

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I seen these while scanning my stations the other night. All three nights for $89.99. 


Also the best channel names I've seen.







Still hoping to make it out to your place BR. My original ride appears to be crapping out though. Working on em still.

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My place is about a 10 minute stumble from the silver city at Yonge and Eglinton.

I wish it were a ten minute hitch from Point Clark, Boiler Rat.

My back deck is pretty nice.  

There's a silent auction for contents at a local bar from 2-8 today just round the corner:  The Unicorn on Eglinton between Redpath and Mount Pleasant. 

If you're around early and need a new set of stools or beer glasses or commercial kitchen equipment then you're welcome!

Have fun everybody.

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