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The Queen's Bush Bluegrass Club Annual Campout - Owen Sound

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Just throwing this one out there for anybody around Owen Sound this weekend. The Queen's Bush Bluegrass Club's annual campout located at then Kilsyth Country Campground. Some of our very own jambands.ca members will be playing with the Blurry Pickers! The line-up will be;

Todd Gillies (guitar)
Johann Lotter (fiddle)
Jeff Rothwell (mandolin)
Jeff English (guitar)
Blair Babcock (bass)
Sara Edge (vocals)
Christy Muddle (vocals)


(I'm kinda hoping for  c-towns on the washboard to join in on this too)




Hope to see some kind folks there :)

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Yes should be fun. Chris we are going to be rehearsing at the cottage fri tho in campfire jam fashion. Should be arriving around 7. Can't recall from our jamland conversation whether you guys were thinking of meeting us up there or at queen's bush on the Saturday. Sat night the consensus is to camp there. Let me know if you need info.

I vote washboard too

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Guest Low Roller

Why not use subtle metaphorical imagery, such as the one used on the cover of Snoop Dogg's new album "Bush"?




What Snoop Dogg manages to express ever so eloquently is that no matter the size or the shape, he will eat that bush and that he also has a lot of bush to choose from as it stands there waiting for him to come taste its bounty. Truly a new height in artistic expression.

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