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Summer tour starts tonight for the Phish

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fantastic...slow llama from Raleigh   https://soundcloud.com/dwright71/01-llama

I had a great time, despite it being a relatively short stay.  Due to work didn't get there til late Friday afternoon and had to leave on Sunday.  Second set on Sunday in particular looked like a grea

Strong opener for Phish this tour.  Three new tunes!  "No men in no mans land" is  a funkfilled almost Little feat-esque.  Nice!


Setlist: Phish at Les Schwab Amphitheatre, Bend, OR - 7/21/15

Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Sand, 555, Rift, Halfway to the Moon, Horn > Devotion To a Dream, Blaze On[1], Tube, Wolfman's Brother

Set 2: Ghost > Birds of a Feather, Mike's Song > The Wedge, Fuego > Shade[1], No Men In No Man's Land[1] > Weekapaug Groove > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Chalk Dust Torture

Encore: Theme From the Bottom

[1] Debut.

Heres a link to the "No men in, no man's land"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=252&v=uIiZ7Vg9-kk

See ya at Magnaball!

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 - Magnaball has some serious potential



Gotta love the 'haven't listened to Phish music in over a decade but I am going to give it my all for this tour because Trey actually played wonderfully and didn't nod off once' and then watch them gush because they haven't cared about a band this relevant in a long long time.

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That vid right there was blasting in my kitchen tonight playing through the previously referenced simple > First Tube > bathtub Gin and then dialing it back to the first set's get back on the train and onward.


so glad that these vids don't get pulled off for copyright claims.

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As far as my ears are concerned, Phish has been on a great build since fall of 2013. Mind you, I dont listen to every show or even half of them but there's some really interesting shit going down with this band right now.


Trey sounds fucking incredible this summer. I think locking himself in a practice room in NYC to learn Dead songs while using the guitars he plays on the road, versus using just practice guitars (his words in a Rolling Stone interview I believe, no idea which guitars he was talking about) has put this guy back together again.


By the way, if you are someone who likes audience pulls (BradM - I am looking at you) check out the most recent Phish shows grabbed by Chris King. I think they sound fantastic and both shows are great.






I'm really looking forward to watching these videos C-towns has linked. I havent seen anything. THANKS!

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