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Peach Music Festival Initial Line-up Announced

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Here's my shorter review. Kimock was awesome, great to see Andy Hess playing again. Magpie Salute was easily the best black crowes cover band I have ever seen (I have never seen a black crowes co

What another incredible time leaving it all up on the mountain. Traveled with a reliable, experienced, hilarious, debaucherous, adventurous, music loving crew. Made the essential decision to roll

Hmmm....well all true that is certainly not how I would boil down my peach experience Fourth year in a row...thought it was my fifth but I think I'm losing count. 😜 The vibe of this festival is o

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Latest news includes special late night set of moe. doing a Pink Floyd tribute... and rare appearance of supergroup Bustle in Your Hedgerow featuring Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz & Scott Metzger tearing out some zeppelin!!  Feck ya...this line-up just keeps getting better and better in my books.  Can't wait...

The Peach Music Festival

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I haven't been on here in ages, but had to chime in to say that I also love your reviews edger, and was glad I could share a sandwich with you at Peach Fest! And a little time grooving with JRAD!! Loved this festival ... the on-site water park made the hot, sunny days a lot of fun. And on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to spend the extra cash for "glamping" - a great call, given the location of the glamping sites.

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On 8/7/2016 at 9:18 AM, edger said:

Still very much looking forward to this, but saddened (yet not entirely surprised) by this news:


Love and peace and comfort to Gregg...I hope he rallies

Things seem to be going well for Gregg.  First I'd heard much really 



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Thought we had a 2017 thread going for this but maybe not...

Second round of artists was recently announced.  In my mind this is by far one of, if not the best, line-ups as far as summer festivals go this year.  A little something for everyone.  I suspect there will be lots of bittersweet and charged energy in the air with all of the loss and grief and legacy fueling things.  This is a great festival and I'm certainly looking forward to it. First there is a mountain...


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Here's my shorter review.

Kimock was awesome, great to see Andy Hess playing again. Magpie Salute was easily the best black crowes cover band I have ever seen (I have never seen a black crowes cover band). I'm going to disagree with edger on this one and say they were 100% going for the classic crowes sound and did an amazing job of recreating it. Hearing Marc Ford  and rich together again was awesome. If Eddie could have been there would have been perfect. Lead singer does an admirable Chris imitation. But nothing beats the original.

Greensky bluegrass were cool. I found cabinet painfully boring whereas bluesky are actually interesting to listen to.

My Morning Jacket rocked. Great set. Lettuce were awesome and play like motherfuckers. Really cool to see Chaka Khan. Pink talking fish seemed kinda shitty by comparison. Why the fuck do people wanna hear so much cover music? We needed 2 different dead cover bands for this fest.

The tribute to Gregg and butch was good but I agree with edger that les  brer were better. Just tighter group better sound. Marcus king was good and that 22 year old can shred like a motherfucker but that is it. Shred shred shred sing like Warren Haynes a bit and shred some more. Def got skills but after 20 minutes I was bored. Try playing a slow guitar solo. Kimock said more in 5 minutes of playing than that kid did in 1.5 hours. Again, he's got crazy skills but no soul. Course at 22 who the fuck has soul?

Widespread were great and umphreys  late night was awesome. Forgot how good they are when they play like they got something to prove.

I also enjoyed the record company. Fun blues rock 3 piece. Good energy. Seeing joe bonamassa was interesting. Not as much of a shredder as you might expect and has solid tone. But his attempt to move blues somewhere  more interesting usually ends up sounding kinda cheesy but I give him credit for having an engaging and varied set.

All in all its a very relaxed fun atmosphere. Everyone from staff and security, to fans, were very chill and had a respectful and easy going vibe. That rain sucked and camping on the side of the mountain was a bit of a pain. But we had a fun time and i would certainly recommend it as a good festival destination.

And where was this massage place? If i had known that was around would have def taken part.


Just like to add the week before peach fest I caught Jimmy herring and the invisible whip. Holy shit balls was that an incredible night of music. With Jeff sipe, Matt slocum, and Jason crosby those guys played at a level I'm not sure I've seen in a long long time. Just face melting jams and fantastic songs. Musicianship does not get better than this. I highly recommend checking them out.

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