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Peach Music Festival Initial Line-up Announced

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On 8/16/2017 at 9:11 PM, edger said:

But as c-towns eluded to earlier one of the absolute highlights of their Saturday night set was getting to watch 14 year old (he looks about 12) Brandon 'Taz' Neiderauer just STEP to Jimmy and shred the hell out of his guitar.  Watching them trade licks back and forth set both my wholesome mom and wild wanderer sides afire.  It felt like a moment in history to me. I was in the right frame of mind. Seriously though you may know this kid or recall his presence and solo on stage the evening that Colonel Bruce Hampton followed the light at his own birthday show...if you don't know who he is, you probably should, because I suspect he will rock us into our graves over the decades to come.


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