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Woodstock 50th anniversary concert reportedly in the works

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Oh good, because 1999 went so well I guess.


One of my favorite memories of Summer 99 Phish tour was being asked at gas stations / restaurants if we were on our way to Woodstock. tungsten and I were on tour with our buddy Mike and just laughed every time thinking that "Naw, we are on our way to our own Woodstock": Deer Creek 99.


That fucking Whipping Post still sticks in my mind. As does sunburnt and raging Eric nearly setting the campground on fire and into insanity with his discount fireworks that were acquired in Raper Country. Good times.....

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I went to Woodstock '94.  I didn't want to go but my girlfriend at the time convinced me to join her.  I ended up having an amazing time and the whole thing was nothing but great vibes.  Saw excellent music too: Dylan, Peter Gabriel, The Band, Metallica, Youssou N'Dour, The Allman's, RHCP, Santana...it was pretty great.

Who knows?  Maybe it'll be pretty great again.


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I attended Woodstock '99...one of my first big festivals and overall had a great experience despite how green i was and being at the beginning of the end of my first real relationship. I left before or was completely unaware of any fires and riots. There was an interesting mix and at times tension between different scenes and vibes at times but the line-up tried to appease almost anybody.

I managed to see (in no particular order) Bernie Worrell, George Clinton and P-funk, Mickey Hart, The Hip, Counting Crows, Rusted Root, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, moe., Bruce Hornsby, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews.

Looking back can't believe I missed James Brown, RHCP's and string cheese. Compromises I suppose.

My girlfriends camped beside me had a feckin truck run into their tent in the middle of the night while they were in it!!! So thankful they weren't hurt!

Been chasing festivals ever since.


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"Who knows?  Maybe it'll be pretty great again."


I dont get how people will immediately write something off prior to it happening. Wouldnt you end up feeling stupid/judgmental if you werent right? We all do it from time to time thanks to some kind of nostalgic bullshit we tend to add to things but it seems so much more pronounced that people will immediately offer their initial reaction thanks to social media. Fucking mob mentality seems to be the group-think these days. 

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I think it'll depend on who's playing.  I didn't go to the desert trip nostalgia fest because I thought the lineup would pull out a lot of me-and-my-crew before you-and-your-crew sort of people.  If there are a lot of neo-hippie bands I think this will be great.  If it's a lot of jock-type bands I will be more worried.  But man, if the rumour mill turns out to be true this will be a heck of a festival.


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