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Hillside Festival 2017

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1)  The festival is one weekend earlier this year eh. Julye 14-16.

2) The lineup came out today:

The Aerialists
The Barr Brothers
Big Brave
Billy Bragg (also with Joe Henry)
The Blurry Pickers
Las Cafeteras
Century Egg
Charlotte Cornfield
Cœur de pirate
Ora Cogan
Common Deer
Dead Flowers
Carly Dow
Duchess Says
The Franklin Electric
Future Peers
Matt Haeck
Sarah Harmer
The Jerry Cans
Kacy & Clayton
Kaia Kater
Kevin Breit & the Upper York Mandolin Quartet
Lisa LeBlanc
Lost Cousins
The Lowest of the Low
The Luyas
Mbongwana Star
Mt. Joy
Murder, Murder
Irish Mythen
New Canadian Global Music Orchestra
Lindi Ortega
Klô Pelgag
William Prince
Alejandra Ribera
Jenny Ritter
Xavier Rudd
DJ Shub
Rae Spoon
Lucas Stagg
Leonard Sumner
The Turbans
Lindy Vopnfjord
Lula Wiles
Charlotte Day Wilson

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I've heard of about 10 as well, which more than what I recognize in the lineups for other festivals.

A somewhat rare (these days) Barr Brothers appearance in Southern Ontario.

Great to see Kevin Breit, Charlotte Cornfield, Luyas, Sarah Harmer on the list.

Lacking in headliners?  Who would headline this?

I wish they would get Cyro Baptista to come and play one of these years.

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  • 2 months later...

This weekend folks. Some of us on here are playing with the Blurry Pickers on Saturday at 3 and then again as part of two workshops on Sunday. One at 7 and the other at 10:15.


Full schedule can be found here:


On a down note unfortunately gratefulfest has been cancelled this year where we were also scheduled to play. Bummed about that....

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