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Fat Cats & Friends Mini-Festival Celebrating 25 Years

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Sat. Sept. 9th, 2017 6:00pm-2:00am

Mod Club Theatre, 722 College St. West, Toronto


25 Years - That's a long time.

Long enough to record multiple albums.

Long enough to tour extensively across North America and play countless shows in Ontario.

Long enough to be considered the Godfathers of the "jam" scene in Canada.

Long enough to make a lot of friends and the Fat Cats are bringing a huge number of them to the Mod Club on September 9th. Come and celebrate the Toronto area live music scene when an amazing selection of jam-rock, soul, funk, and livetronica will be on display. This is as close to a festival environment as you'll get in a one evening show. Get your tickets on June 30th at 10am

Tickets available at www.fatcats.eventbrite.com

Super Early Bird $20 (limited # for the first week)
Early Bird $25 (limited # for the first 4 weeks)
Advance $30
Door $35

Fat Cats (https://fatcatsjam.com/)

The Soul Motivators (http://www.soulmotivators.com/)

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution (http://www.kcroberts.ca/)

Chameleon Project (http://chameleonproject.ca/)

Diesel Dog (http://www.dieseldog.ca/)

Zuffalo https://www.zuffalo.ca/

Flat 5 (https://www.facebook.com/flatfivejam/)

JChameleon (DJ between the bands to keep us dancing)

Doors are at 6pm and music will start at 7pm sharp.

See you at the show!


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I also had a great time.  Flat 5 is also a younger band that has been catching attention.  Funky good times. Diesel Dog, KC Roberts (my first time seeing them) and of course the Fatties were my highlights, but everyone sounded great.  We unfortunately had to depart before Chameleon Project was finished as our limo bus driver was growing heatedly impatient. Always a bit hard to get into the groove of one band and then have it end so the other can come on...but it was special to have a showcase of such a range of music. It felt like an "event" and "moment' and tip of the hat to something important, not just some other gig....to me anyways.  Bernie should be commended for all of the hard work he put into making this happen and the tight ship he ran to make sure the hippies didn't drive the train off the tracks.

Our limo bus ride was hilarious as always.  Blessed to be surrounded by such great music lovin' freaky folks.

It'd be nice to have a canjam event where GTA & Ottawa collided....

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