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Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM


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This is so, so sad. I know nothing other than what his brother just posted on Brad's Facebook page, which I'll paste below. Hug your loved ones, friends, and go listen to some of Brad's tapes. He will be so missed.




This is going to be a hard post to write. I'm not Brad, I'm his brother Steve and I'm posting on his account.

I changed his profile picture to the two of us at the Nagoya airport when he came to visit me when I was living in Japan in 2001 and I'm putting it up now to mark his passing late last week. It's one of the few good ones of the two of us.

He loved a good red wine (“I wanna be a Communist!” was a favourite of his), a good coffee (“Computer programmers are biological entities that convert coffee into software”), a good beer (“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”, attributed to Ben Franklin although not actually by him but Brad was fond of that one) and a good single malt (“Bartender, do you have a good single malt whisky?” “Yes, sir.” “Good. Put that in a glass. Do you have water and ice?” “Of course, sir.” “Good. Put that in another glass.”).

We shared a love of science fiction that we inherited from our father and a sense of service to others that came from our mother. Our shared love of the absurd came from the local PBS station on Friday nights at 10:30 in the 1970's when they showed Monty Python for many years. He played a pretty good game of backgammon as well.

He moved to Ottawa after finishing university with an engineering degree in Applied Math and Computer Science and worked for a number of tech firms in the area before retiring at a young age to pursue travel and he became well-known in the local music scene as a go-to guy for bands looking for someone to record their shows, with a collection amounting to hundreds that he recorded and gave to the musicians and uploaded for fans with the bands' permission. I live in Toronto and don't know any of his Ottawa friends but I suspect many of them are friends with him here.

I'll finish this with one of my favourite moments from his trip to Japan. While changing trains at Hamamatsu, we found a place in the station that served draft sake or so we thought. They had three taps set up like beer taps so we thought it would be fun to order some. The clerk then went down the counter to a refrigerated cabinet and took out two bottles. Drat, we thought. Bottled, not draft. But we were wrong. She came back and stuck empty bottles under the taps, filled them and put a screw cap on them. It wasn’t exactly draft but it was close. We took them up to the platform and waited for our train. If you've never been to Hamamatsu station, there are 4 tracks. The outer two have platforms for trains that stop there but the inner two are for trains that do not stop. As we were standing there, a Nozomi train came through. They are the fastest variety of shinkansen (bullet train) and make non-stop Tokyo-Nagoya runs. There was no warning, just a sudden whhoooooooooooossssh as it went through at 250 km/h and then silence. As the taillights faded into the distance, Brad looked at me and said, “I’m not much of a train buff but I have to admit - that was pretty cool.” It was.

I'll close here but I will keep his page going if anybody wants to leave a note or share a memory.

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This avatar is legendary and needs to be retired.   

One of the greatest things about this forum is that I met BradM through this forum . His history here, dates all the way back to 8/28/2001.   His 23,000ish posts paint a great picture of who he was, and cover an incredible amount of shared musical experiences.   Some of his year-end posts would highlight all of the wonderful events he had attended (and recorded) that year.  

Many of his postings were either a solid "head's up" for an upcoming show, and generally followed by a download link to a recording that he made so everyone could either hear or revisit the same great things he was often experiencing.  The time and effort he put in to his archive.org contributions is pretty astounding.

BradM always helped drive this forum. There will be a big whole left behind from this event.

Back to the avatar.  BradM chose this avatar on that day in 2001, along with his username,  stylized capitalization within 'BradM', and eternally signed-off posts with a consistent "Aloha, Brad".  This was his persona here, and it never wavered during all this time.  Addressing him as 'BradM' ILR always felt natural.  

I will forever identify him through this avatar.

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I suspect a lot of you guys know this story but I think it was after this Dave Matthews show in 2001 when, on public transport back to Ottawa... well I hadn't really enjoyed the show and may have been venting a bit. I spotted a lanky fellow freak in a Phish t-shirt... and announced to everyone in the immediate vicinity "Now there's someone that knows good music". I told him about how nero was playing afterward, downtown and told him he should go see the show.

Years later and every now and then he'd sling his arm around me, reminiscing about that fateful night. It almost became comical, trying to remember who owed whom a round since the last show, since the last shared moment of musical magic, since the last exchange of the broadest of shit-eating grins. I think we've all heard that line from him "THIS is why I tape!" and everyone who did hear it couldn't help but feel that infectious unbridled joy.

Over the years his love of live music and enthusiasm for the next show never wavered. The number of friends he met and embraced along the way was and remains a shining example of the kind of unconditional friendship and love that we should all strive for. Farewell Brad, thank you for the legacy, the memories and the love.


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These recollections Ive read on facebook and here have been pretty tough to process tonight. Im having a hard time putting the words down that I really want to say. BradM was a wonderful person and his legacy will live on not just on here or through the music but with all of us whom he touched in some way.

He was a blessing to this community.

I have so much more that I want to say and express but just cant get the words out... for now; Rest in loving Peace BradM.

Vibrating with Love and Light.

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Absolutely crushing and devastating. I woke up today hoping it was all a bad dream. Prior to moving to Kanata, Brad was at every occurrence of my being onstage and was beyond supportive. Brad helped me gain some confidence needed to keep on keeping on with regards to opening yourself up to a crowd of drunken revellers and for that I am eternally grateful. I cant believe there wont be one more hug and I am emotionally bracing the last one we shared in August.

Aloha BradM


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Shocked and saddened. Bradm was one of the friendliest and and most welcoming people I've been blessed to have met. He introduced me to a ton of new people and to a ton of new music. And he was happy to do it. It was a big part of who he was and what he did. He will be dearly missed. Condolences to his family and friends.  

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Brad may have been the nicest man I've ever met. 
Full stop. 
Caring and supportive seem like trite ways of describing what he meant to musicians...

Here's the best I can do....
When Brad listened to my band, he made me feel like I always imagined being a musician was. 
I don't know how he did it. 
He just made it real somehow.

We're all better for having known him. 

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Very sad and unexpected. Brad's dedication to local, live music was nothing short of legendary!  I am so grateful to him for supporting and  providing so many high-quality recordings of several bands I have been involved with over the years.  He was one of a kind to say the least and I always was thrilled to see him  - he often showed up to the venue and set up his recording equipment before the band even arrived!  Such a super nice, generous, kind soul.  This is a HUGE loss.


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13 hours ago, Davey Boy 2.0 said:

I suspect a lot of you guys know this story but I think it was after this Dave Matthews show in 2001 when, on public transport back to Ottawa... well I hadn't really enjoyed the show and may have been venting a bit. I spotted a lanky fellow freak in a Phish t-shirt... and announced to everyone in the immediate vicinity "Now there's someone that knows good music". I told him about how nero was playing afterward, downtown and told him he should go see the show.

Brad's origin story. So good. Three years after that date he told the story in a thread of his own. I've bumped it up to the main page. 

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Oh wow, thanks for bumping that post, Hart.

I was devastated to hear this terrible news. At home this morning, I heard Ollie yell "Oh no!"...to which I replied "Oh no...Who died?", thinking that yet another celebrity passed away.

Unfortunately, the news was much worse, much closer to home. Brad was indeed a celebrity in his own right in this town's music community.

I just saw Brad less than two weeks ago. I was always happy to see Brad at a house party or concert. I felt comfort when seeing him because if I didn't know who to talk to, I knew I could talk to him. And it was about music. I always asked him what shows he saw recently or was going to see soon. Last conversation we had was about Mike Essoudry. He was telling me about a show coming up at Mavericks on November 7th. I wasn't surprised to hear him mention Essoudry. He was a big fan. Another band that Brad often promoted is Souljazz Orchestra. I think of Brad whenever I see their name.

Looks like I need to buy some scotch. Cheers to you, Brad!

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