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Espanola this weekend in St Catharines; Toronto; Ottawa; Hamilton.

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Long time y'all. Espanola is my side project, it was always more country than Huron, but these days it is every bit as loud and rocking as that band was. I've been slowly working on a solo record for way too long, and rather than keep songs in the can for the eventual full length I kinda just decided to put out a few songs at a time. Here are the first two: 


Here are my dates:

Thu Nov 30 - St. Catharines - Warehouse
Fri Dec 1 - Toronto - Monarch Tavern
Sat Dec 2 - Ottawa - Dominion Tavern
Sun Dec 3 - Hamilton - This Ain’t Hollywood

I'm bringing a sweet backing band which is comprised of:

Sam Cash - guitar; Anna Ruddick - bass; Dan Edmonds - keys; Cam Giroux - drums.

Would be lovely to see some old familiar faces! Hope everybody is well. 

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On 2017-11-29 at 11:22 AM, dave-O said:

Very cool. Please tell me that's ex-Weeping Tile drummer Cam Giroux in the band?

The very same, and let me be the first to tell you that he is CRUSHING it. Last couple nights have been a blast, really looking forward to Ottawa tonight.

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