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I've been playing HQ Trivia for a while on iPhone.  They run live trivia weekdays at 3pm and 9pm, and then at 9pm on weekends.

There are some fun music questions some times. Last week there were Prince Caspian and Scarlet Begonia references.  I felt so smart for a fleeting moment.

12 questions, and you have to get them all right.

The pot is $2000.  Everyone that gets all 12 questions, gets a share of the pot.  Sunday nights, the pot is larger. Tonight it's $15,000.

Questions start easy and get really fucking hard. Savage!  

You have 10 seconds from the time the question begins to select an answer.

I think it's available on Android too.   Look for it.  If you sign up.... use my referral.  

Referrals offer the benefit of a free life in a trivia session. So use your referrals!



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