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Thanks for this.  There are so many technologies out there that we’re just unaware of.  It makes me think that there are opportunities out there to make anreal difference in the lives of others.  This week’s mass shooting was a clear example.  I was made aware of some conspiratorial subjects awhile back.  someor told me that coil spring mattresses can act like antenna arrays and transmit dirty energy from outlrnenvironment into our bodies (a sort of reverse HAARP (sorry, let’s not get too far gone here)) and that led me to watch some videos...that, frankly, made me remember why I stopped perusing the internet at all hours of the day and night.  

Long story short, if our inner ears can be used like communication linkups via microwave frequencies (V2K), there is a clear and present opportunity for direct counselling to people that would either become violent or suicidal.  Similarly, it would be an opportunity to address non-physiological/neurological symptomatic mood disorders and addictive/compulsive behaviours.

I’m still asking my counsel for the transcripts so that I can work out comedy bits and storyboard a screenplay.



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