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Glen Close was so amazing at Superball,  from the distance to the stage, the amenities and the folks around us. It was so close I ran back to camp to grab a bag of beer several times each show, just to have cold ones. After leaving and seeing lots of pictures however, I felt like I'd missed out on some of the fest by being a bit less adventurous due to the location.

For Magna I was in the RV section which was great and not a long walk but certainly not as close as Close (!). There really is something to be said about shade and a quiet place to sleep that won't soon be discounted.

If I can get commitment for #'s and can get an RV pass (and find an RV to rent) I will definitely be going that route.

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I did the glen close camping last time and it was worth every penny for the flush toilets and better showers. It can really eliminate a lot of walking, however, as my friends were in the regular camping areas, I ended up walking great distances all weekend anyway. (Sensible shoes are a must)

Other considerations are more shade trees and generally quieter at night.

All that said, these passes sell out quickly, I'll get regular camping passes if I can't get the glen close.

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Not much chatter about this as of late...

I imagine some are leaving today. We are getting on the road tomorrow. In addition to the music I look forward to festival yoga...always extra special energy, resets my scrambled mind straight and a relief from all the walking (which I actually didn't find too bad...most festivals I go to involve mountainous terrain so this is flat and easy by comparison and beats walking through the craze and congestion of the streets of Toronto that I do all the time without a second thought). I am supremely jealous of anyone who ends up under some trees though.

Hope to see many of you and safe travels!

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Cancelled on account of unsafe drinking water resulting from flooding. What an absolute bummer. My heart goes out to those of you who were looking forward to it, especially those who planned your summer around it.

Here’s hoping people can find something else fun to do with the time away from home / work / etc. Still, brutal. 

Link: http://phish.com/news/curveball-forced-to-cancel/

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Yes this was a gut winding blow. Hard to accept. We found out just as we were crossing the border. Could have been way worse. About 10 of us diverted to Nelson Ledges in Garretsville Ohio. One of the most beautiful venues I've ever been to with big trees and amazing swimming and Sandy beach. Leftover salmon plays tonight and infamous stringdusters are tomorrow night. So there's that. But ya. Tough pill to swallow. Hearts out to those who ended up sleeping in a ditch or equivalent. 

Curveball alright 


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It was... surreal.

With Jamie and Sean Taylor in the lead truck, Scottie King ahead of Mellie and I, we just rolled into what was about to become our campsite when the announcement came over the bunny. Thank goodness they decided to do FM after all. I was floored. We were allowed to spend the night on the site so we got re routed to a great site and set up for a night of who can go the hardest. I think Sean won that one :)

Great to see Jay and Kyla drop by for a visit and some ladderball. Sorry to those i missed... PassedOutGuy in full affect by 2 AM.

Woke up and tore down... drove for about 2 hrs to Geneseo NY and checked into a Hampton Inn and proceeded to sleep for 6 hrs. Drove home today and realized we need some Phish. So we bought two nights at the Rosemont Allstate Arena in October. Bring on fall tour.

Its been a very hard pill to swallow. We had planned our entire summer around this weekend. Our first adult time in I dont know how long. Mellie had trained for and was so excited to run the Runaway Jim 5k but its all for naught.

I do think of those in town that have to live with the situation. With boiling water and cleaning up after the disaster. My heart goes out to them.

I also feel for the entire Phish community from the band, crew to the fans. We are privileged to be apart of this community and will continue to love and support you all.

Vibrating with Love and Light...

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We arrived Wednesday with a trunk full of way, way too many beers (after getting our whiskey and Mudslide illegally confiscated) and set up in Glen Close.  Met people and partied like crazy and saw Saturn (rings and everything!  Dude camped nearby had an awesome telescope and even awesomer knowledge of the planets).  Got up on Thursday and showered (in retrospect: ick) and did some more hanging out until mid-afternoon when lo, jaybone arrives with his lovely lady and set up camp right next to us, and then Stapes arrived shortly afterwards (we had pre-set up his tent next to ours).  And then the news hit.  People were scrambling to confirm that it wasn't some sort of prank and then I guess the Bunny announced it.  The couple camped next to us were in tears.  They started packing up almost right away (though in the end they did stay for the night).

A lot of people left.  I'd say about half of the people that had made it to Glen Close packed up by nightfall.  

Of course rumours of the band playing a couple of sets for the people that stayed behind started going around, and the next thing you knew they started tearing down the speaker columns.  Rumour: crushed.  I bet that got a few more people on their way.

We had about 175 beers in the car so we had a lot of drinking to do.  We pounded and pounded, went to hang with the crew in general camping and pounded some more.  Good thing the hard liquor had already been taken care of (by the security staff and their buddies, no doubt).  Overall the mood among those that stayed for the night seemed to be "what the heck, let's have a great time tonight."  It wasn't over-the-top at all, just people hanging out and having a good time.  

Thank goodness it wasn't raining when we packed up in the morning.  And it was nice that there was no security going around trying to hurry people up (we were supposed to be out by noon).  Really, there was a bare-bones staff on hand; hardly anyone at all.  phorbesie asked the concierge where she could get some drinking water and was told to "just maybe ask around at people's campsites. Someone will give you some."  

(We're talking the concierge in a VIP section.)

I counted our remaining booty: 133 beers.  We needed a contingency plan.  We got offsite around 12:15 (easy-peasy though again, almost staff-less) and drove in to town.  We met some friends for lunch and went back to their hotel room.  They couldn't get their room refunded so they decided to stay until Monday.  They offered us floorspace but it was pretty crowded in there already.  Luckily an excellent Plan B presented itself and phorbesie, Stapes and I drove to Penn Yan and stayed at Bdunn's Godfather's super-great cottage on the lake for the weekend. The whole crew was there, we sucked it up and put on our happy faces and had a wicked-great weekend.

When I got up on Sunday I was shocked to discover that we had more that met our beer-consumption quota (phorbesie was even able to grab an extra 15-pack before we cruised the border).  We stayed until about 2pm and then it was hugs all-around and the three of us drove north, leaving the rest of the crew to try and enjoy a final night at the cottage without us.  


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