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Forums have been moved - finally

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Now that the forums have moved to a new cloud-based service and running on machines dedicated to these forums, you'll find that www.jambands.ca points directly to this community now rather than a blog hosted elsewhere. 

If you had a bookmark to the old path to the forums, (www.jambands.ca/f) you can now update it and remove the slash-f.

All of the articles have been imported into this system, but they still need to be consolidated and tweaked (images did not import properly and have to all be re-applied manually).  There will be a section for posting reviews, etc, much like the blog, but it will be integrated into this community's database of users and forum posts.

For now, things are as they were,  but expect to see tweaks and changes.  

Thanks for your patience and support.


If you notice any strange things, please raise the issue.  Exporting/Importing systems can create bizarre side-effects.  

For example, this morning, there was no TextBox to type out a post.   But that has been fixed.





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On 3/19/2018 at 10:51 PM, Esau. said:


No problem. I tried to edit my above post to remove the pic, but I'm not seeing an edit button. "Options" only shows delete. Not sure if thats intended or not, but thought I'd mention it.


I discovered that there was a 5 min time limit set on editing one's own posts.  I've removed that as I don't think that has ever been in place for members.

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