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Davey Boy 2.0

Sloan in King's Town

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I bought me a ticket. 25 buckets! Are you kidding me? Best deal on a concert ticket since the days of the Dead. They play in Ottawa the night before and I will hit that show if my baby mama can look after our son for the evening. A criminally underrated band who deserves people in front of them providing exceptional energy because they definitely bring it out while laying it all on the line.

The Ottawa show is at the Brass Monkey, which means it aint easy to get to but remember there is a thing called Uber which will make paying for a ride that much more realistically affordable. I cant wait to see them again. Canada's version of the Beatles and I mean that!


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On 4/4/2018 at 11:05 PM, Schwa. said:

DUDE!  I'm there.....and then in Ottawa for the long weekend after that to throw down on my birthday.  Look the fuck out, ya'll......someone arrange a Gad-danged house party ferchristsakes!

Herbie Hancock @OttawaJazz

Concert Under The Stars

Saturday June 30 @ 8:30pm

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