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Heading to the show today. The promotion around this show has been a total gong show between fluctuating prices, artists dropping out, promises of more bands, then silently withdrawing that wording, poor communication etc. Nevertheless looking forward to TTB, the legendary presence of Willie and checking out Sturgill for the first time.

Been quite a while since I've been to Molson amp/Budweiser stage

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21 hours ago, edger said:

Dry skies brah!

Indeed !

It was a nice night in the end.

The music was stellar (as predicted).

Didn't make it early enough for Terra or Sturgill, but Tedeschi Trucks Band were fantastic.

And Willie is such a legend and sounded amazing.  I'm a bigger fan now than ever.

So very happy I went last night.

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Me too. I was starting to have second thoughts/feel overwhelmed about even going with the start of a busy work term and bringing my son out so late on a school night yada yada. But I was really glad I went.


I am definitely a new fan of Sturgil. I thought they had a raunchy rippin country sound with a hint of Elvis perhaps inspired traditionalism woven in there. Great mix of familiar tried and true and pushing things to a new edge. Great band great vocals and great songs.


TTB are always a pleasure. I get so much enjoyment out of watching Derek play and Susan just has one of the best vocals of all time. I really enjoyed the flute jams. Kofi is such an asset to that all around talented band. The pipes on the back up singers are incredible. Some of the notes that were being hit...holy shit. 


And Willie. I thought he put on a great performance. As I get older and increasingly reflective on life and loss and love i appreciate all the more the rare treat to witness a legend like that that has spanned the ages like no other really. Connecting the generations and putting into words so eloquently the sentiments that are hard to express. Brought me to tears a couple times. Was thankful for the wind and dim lights to keep that on the down low. His sister is absolutely age defying on those keys. It's quite remarkable what they are still capable of. He was strong and assured. I was happy and admittedly proud that my ten year old understood what a special thing that was for him to witness. 



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I'm disappointed that I jumped on these tickets immediately when they went on sale. That was highly unnecessary, as tickets for decent seats could have been purchased for as little as 10 bucks on the day of the show. Lesson learned.

No matter now. I still enjoyed myself. We arrived early well before Tara Lightfoot's 3 piece band took the stage. She's a solid guitar rocker and I enjoyed the short late afternoon set.

Sturgill Simpson, I've heard, is a country musician. Or is he? He certainly did not sound very country. This was loud, guitar-driven, heavy jam/blues rock. I wasn't surprised though, as I'd seen this band at the Bluesfest almost 2 months ago. Highly recommended.

The Teseschi Trucks band never fails to get me up dancing. This caused some conflict with the people behind us. My brother, my friend, and I all got up to dance for some grooving songs. The folks behind us preferred to sit on their hands. After a couple of songs, some handfuls of popcorn were thrown at us. Then the shouting started. I'm pretty easy going, I don't want to piss anyone off, so I sat down. My buddy continued to exercise his right to dance and the situation escalated. Security was having none of this.  They re-located the complainers temporarily to some empty seats a couple of rows in front of us.

I've been to concerts all over North America, and I must say Toronto music fans are the least lively. Doesn't matter who the performer is, just sit down and don't move!

Willie Nelson & Family played an hour long set of country favorites. A true legend! I cant' expand much on edger's comments, but it was strange how the house lights came on exactly at 10:45 pm, even before the final notes of Willie's set had been played!  It was like they wanted everyone out of there as soon as possible.

I totally enjoyed all the acts and had a fun time on a chilly, blustery Sunday night on the shore of Lake Ontario.

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Our resident keyboard player 'ersh, most know of Burt Neilson Band, has toured with Terra and I was wondering if he might be with her here in Ottawa during Folkfest.......

The last time she played Folkfest he was with her outfit. I thought she pulled off a wicked set even though I was there strictly for Jeff. 


"They re-located the complainers temporarily to some empty seats a couple of rows in front of us."

That's so fucked up. Why didnt they move on their own? Seats were obviously available, but then again the majority of this board are concert-going veterans so it's easy to think how a solution to a situation like that is probable. Had the venue been packed my guess is that security would have asked you to sit down. It's what I do when shit is packed and everyone is sitting even though I would prefer to be on my feet. I'll get up and try but if no one follows that lead then I down within a couple of minutes. 

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Sturgill Simpson rips! 

I will not miss this band when they come near. 

TTB were solid as usual, Trucks is one of my favorite players these days.

Willie is an icon, cant say much more than that. His band keeps the songs going no matter what tempo or tone Willie finds himself in but he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Great crowd for the smallish size. We got free up grades walking in from lawn to dead center second row of the 400's That helped keep the kids warm and the elder comfortable.

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Was offered free tickets to this, wish I had came here and saw this thread before turning them down due to not wanting to go alone.

Seeing that so many folks are into Sturgill Simpson, do yourselves a favour and check out Tyler Childers. He's been dubbed a Sturgill prodigy, and Sturgill produced his most recent (last fall) album. Tyler also toured with Margo Price fwiw. I've shared some videos here in the past, he's the real deal.

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