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Snarky / Bela 2 nighter in June TO lookin' for a place

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I'm gonna leave the car at home and do the cheap VIA rail round trip from Ottawa for both shows Tue & Wed but have no place to crash. If anyone have an extra couch or corner of a hotel room that would be way above average. I'll buy the beer and pay my share. 

also,I really need a ride to TO from Ottawa May 4th for the Aqueous show. I'll pay for your ticket.



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On 4/24/2018 at 11:23 AM, edger said:

Unfortunately I can't help you out, but I like your quote and welcome to the board!

thanks anyway,much appreesh. I was here like 10-12 years ago under tpace or jah_volunteer I forget (Mike B)...I was a huge heroin addict then so apologies in advance ;) 

if I can't find a place I'll do what I did for YMSB and find a 24hour internet cafe,pass out and drool all over the keyboard as 10 high schoollers shout all night playing Warcraft or some shit. The 1st VIA rail back to Ottawa is 6:15 am,not bad. A 45 year old shouldn't have to go through these things lol. My brakes have no pads on the Pursuit. 

but I will give a portable 1TB HD with all of the Disco Biscuits SBD Flacs from nugs and disclogic (520+ shows) for a round trip ride next Friday for Aqueous at the Riv. and a ticket. I love those kids....great band. 

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