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A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa

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No, really. Nostalgia Festival. August 24th - 26th at Lebreton Flats (for the out-of-towners, that’s where Bluesfest is). Tributes to Petty, The Hip, The Stones (Blushing Brides), Fleeteood Mac, Madon

Check out the FAQ on that page. It doesn't include what must certainly be the most frequently asked question: "Why?"

1 hour ago, phorbesie said:

Were you serious?

Yes and no. I'd love to make a journey to Ottawa and see friends, plus she's originally from Montreal and keeps talking how we should go there this summer. Dates of the fest fit the time frame and since she listens to a lot of those bands, and if into it, then sure why not. Musically we're not in the same boat though.

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45 minutes ago, Velvet said:

I hear they just added DSO.  

Now who's going?

 Considering I won't drive 35 mins east to see them, that wouldn't sweeten the deal. But as mentioned, if Ana is actually into checking this out, I'd go. Otherwise, it'll be two weeks in Varennes.

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So I told the gal I'm seeing I wanted to go to Ottawa for this. First question I was asked: "is there a night ranger cover playing? I started to laugh, she didn't. I'm really not sure if she's serious.


Well it's official: I'm oblivious to francophone sarcasm.  

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On 5/18/2018 at 7:56 PM, bONES said:

nice one :)

i'm passing this time around.

have fun

Excuse the hijack...

Here's the setlist

Cold Rain and Snow

Mama Tried

They Love Each Other

The Race Is On

Hard to Handle

Loose Lucy

Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

Beat It On Down the Line

Here Comes Sunshine

Big Iron (Marty Robbins cover)...I'd never heard this song before...

Casey Jones

Scarlet Begonias

Big Boy Pete (The Olympics cover)....

Dire Wolf

Weather Report Suite

Eyes of the World

China Doll

China Cat Sunflower

I Know You Rider

Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Huey “Piano” Smith & The Clowns cover)

Great company. Highlights for me were the opening songs (Cold Rain, Mama Tried, TLEO)... and then Weather Report Suite into Eyes, China Doll, China Cat (which they had teased a couple times). Not bad for a Tuesday night ;)

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