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Privacy Policy and Terms update - GDPR compliance

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This is a head's up regarding the forced acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

They have both been updated recently to comply with the GDPR.

This site has never shared personal information with any other party in the last 18 years of it's lifecycle.  Yet, that was never blatantly obvious. This site respects anonymity and privacy.  

There are so many privacy rules now that they must be explicitly communicated and upon which agreed.  For example, those that have donated funds to help keep this site alive would have used a third party service, PayPal.  Therefore, the privacy policy must ensure that members are aware that they are responsible for paying attention to any third party's system, like PayPal's terms and privacy policy as well. 

If there are any changes to the site that includes collecting any new, optional information, like credit card info or mailing addresses, etc, the policy will be updated and will have to be accepted in order to use the site.

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