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We should hang out and talk soon because I figured I would just allow tickets to fall as they may, pun intended, while deciding which shows to hit. 

Vegas is the run I would prefer to get destroyed at because I got cash and a few brain cells still willing to burn. The only threshold there would be a pair of tickets and a partner in crime. 


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Jazzfest is off the map for me this year because I will have my son while his mother is away. Having said that the highschool girls who inhabit the house beside me have offered to babysit if they are available. They are both late-teens so I am not expecting very much out of them but should stars align...........you just never know. 


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Well I wasn't able to do both nights but managed to steal away for night 2. I had a great night. Admittedly foggier in my recollection than I like to be for latter parts of the evening but well I was excited I guess.

Highlights for me were chalkdust and bathtub gin in first set. Light from second set was stuck in my head all night til I woke up this morning.

Good company 

Wish I could have done both nights. 

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I was able to do both nights in Albany and can confirm edger's findings. This was the first time I had not just driven through Albany and I got a glimpse of both sides of the tracks. Downtown Albany is full of life from restaurants to pubs to late night music venues. Central Ave between downtown and my hotel, 6 miles out, was pretty drab.

There was quite a Shakedown just east of Times Union Center that was vastly different, yet the same on both nights. Night one was a nitrous circus, with balloons as far as the eye could see in the air. The cops sat on horseback and allowed it all to go down uninterrupted. I even saw a wook selling a moving box full of old used VHS porn tapes, which made me chuckle. Not to mention, a full mobile drink cart selling almost any cocktail you could imagine. Night two was a bit different, I walked in to a cop standing beside a nitrous tank that he was draining at full blast. Only the odd balloon was observed tucked in some corners, away from the police truck filled with poached tanks. Discarded Balloons and trash everywhere.

As far as the music goes, I am sure you have all read the set lists and highlights. My standout moments were being second row for set 1 of night 1, specifically the transition of Theme into Free. Being row 1 in the 100's right beside Mike for set 2 night 1 was a cool experience to, specifically the No Men's into Piper into a huge Twenty Years Later.

Set 1 Night 2 was, by far, my favorite set of the 4 I witnessed. The Chalkdust was the highlight of my weekend, the video below doesn't do it justice. I am pretty sure the band missed each others cue to end the song where it would normally end which led to this extended version, so good. Wolfman's, Scent of, NICU, Gumbo, Steam, I Didn't Know, Bathtub Gin to end the set complete with the Russian Dance Segment and a Vacuum Solo!?! So good! Great company with almost a whole row in the 200's to dance in.   

Set 2 Night 2 found all of our folks together to rock out in a hazy hue, and that we did. The Birds of a Feather made me laugh because before we walked in, my buddy stepped on a dead bird on the sidewalk and i immediately said "I guess we get a Birds of a Feather tonight". The Mercury into Light was huge, Mercury is always sluggish to me at first but always seems to blast off and that Light, damn, I love that tune. 


Night 1 Set 1 view point (thanks timmyB)


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On 10/26/2018 at 11:44 PM, mister slippery said:

Man, I haven't been here in ages.

i will be at tomorrow's show, in Rosemont, Ill. Looking very forward to it.

very little hair now, will be wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt with "In a World of Compromise, Some Don't".


if ya see me say hi. If I see anyone I know, I'll do the same. 


Hope everyone one here is doing well.

Damn man... wish I had of come on here. Mellie and I were there for Saturday and Sunday. Would have been great to see you.

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17 hours ago, Booche said:

I snapped some views on flights/hotels a number of hours ago for Vegas while I was at work because I knew the prices would be fantastic.


..............sure enough it was drool time...............................................

Haha..last night Velvet said "why aren't we going to Vegas?" and then regretted it since i was all "it's not too late!!" and started looking at flights :)  There were Aeroplan flights available still but it would have been hard. I didn't really want to go to Vegas anyway, I got back from Chicago so tired! Hope I can stay up to watch the show.


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.............death dont hurt very long..................................

G-damn I loved that set. They totally fooled me but to my weak credit I was wailed when they became uncovered. Pretty much drooling sitting on the floor at 1 am when that set started on our time?  Anyways. I made the conscious choice to stay off the internet having learned in the past how the internet and Phishbills work. I didnt know Ziggy was the album having been burned by Exile and Waiting For Columbus. I would have known what they were about to play, even though I wouldnt have, but my wasted brain was convinced I was watching a 'performance' of a cover album whilst they were doing it. 

And it was killer as far as I am concerned. I will gladly debate this with anyone. Fucking bring it on the next time I see you because as far as I am concerned there aint alot you can say. I look forward to what you have to offer as a counterpoint. I just wanna hear that perspective because it must be the polar opposite of mine. 

That much I know?

Obviously not because they got another final hurrah on their fanbase. God bless the Phish. 

By the way, how amazing did that Stratocaster sound that Trey was using? Jesus Fucking Christ. It took away some snarl,which I love, but man was that puppy eve fucking clean. I really hope he uses it from time to time going forward but I understand if he doesnt and dont expect it because I am sure he can make any guitar sound like Trey. 

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Having said that, I totally forgot I watched all of set 3............I watched a pile of the Vegas stuff and loved every minute. I cant imagine how amazing it would have been to be there. 

This was one of my least favorite sets>encore and I still loved watching it because it was great. Couch tour should be cancelled because it makes it so easy to stay home. 

SET 3: Set Your Soul Free > Tweezer > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > Backwards Down the Number Line > Meatstick, Bug > Run Like an Antelope

ENCORE: Loving Cup > Tweezer Reprise

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