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CRB -Kitchener

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Hey ya, I was there. I thought they put on a fantastic show. I was a more than a little worried about the opportunity for proper CRB collective vibe given the size of the tent and the rule of no standing anywhere under it...that was a little deflating and over the top when you bring in a band like that.  Yet they just did what they do, and the pocket of folk that I was in was successful in disrupting the rules and were able to get our groove on....security eventually gave up and just rolled with it.  Helped that Chris himself was encouraging people to remember that it was Saturday night and people should feel free to get up and dance.

I was pleasantly satisfied with the length of set given it was a festival timeslot and a free show at that! I also found it a little odd that they didn't do an encore as there seemed to be 10 minutes left.  I heard some grumbles that there were more people there than what was expected so cops/security wanted to start clearing the place out.  But who knows...

Very few bands consistently have me walking away with the level of feeling that I have every single time I see them. Can't wait for fall tour

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Suuuuper heady show,  these guys know how to work a room, even with the majority of it being forced to sit. I didnt sit from when I hit the pre game shit until I got in the car for my sweet ride home. Stood 4 rows back, slightly bass side and rocked out all night. Great crew, great crowd, great pizza, meh beer. Also cant wait for fall tour.

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