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Phish Summer Tour '19

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You are right Kev...stay away from PTBM. Unless there is "pit only" or "reserved only" as options. I haven't checked yet.

PTBM often dishes out the suckyseats.  Avoid at all costs with regards to SPAC at the very least.  

Further rumors today include:   Tahoe before Dick's Atlanta before MSG 6 nights at MSG late July / August Woodstock @ Watkins Glen Vegas NYE (!!!!) But history (see

"Seeking both SPAC shows" - I hope you get into the PAV cuz. 2004 shows were insanity and 2 of the best back to back Phish non-festival shows I have ever seen them pull off. The balcony on the second night during Piper was a fucking major throw-down. I doubt I have ever laughed so much while sharing in the groove.

TM offered me free lawn tickets for SPAC thanks to what happened. I turned them down, only thought of the possibility of attending the shows on the lawn which was of zero interest, but in retrospect I should have taken them and gave them away.  Goes to show how the industry thinks of lawn tickets at SPAC.



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18 hours ago, 2ndtube said:

after getting my verified fan email, and not knowing there was a "queue", I logged on 5 minutes before sale time, and was put in a queue with 2000+ people.


at 8 minutes after 11 they let me in a showed a bunch of "blue seats" in 100's and 200's.

of course five times I selected pairs, they would already be taken.

finally I selected a few higher up in 304 (row J if I recall) and scored two.

This was about the same as my experience, except I got lucky and ended up with a pair at the back of 201 right beside Kuroda.

It was a bit chaotic, but worked out well and I have little in the way of complaints about my experience. Sucks that some of us here had a tough go of it. Better than the older model though. Almost everyone I know got pavillions - that's a first.

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On 1/25/2019 at 11:23 AM, Booche said:

The GA in front of the stage turned blue again so I clicked it and was told I had 4 GA tickets. Bought them. Did all my shit and when it completed they were LAWN tickets, which I never clicked on. No idea how that played out in such a way so the only error I made was not taking a closer look because I wanted to ensure the transaction.

Same thing with me Booche - got duped into buying a pair of lawns when I thought I was getting pits.

Thankfully I have two friends willing to buy my lawn tickets. I'll sit with a friend who scored lower 300s in the Phish mail order.

On 1/25/2019 at 11:23 AM, Booche said:

If it reigns that night that will be the ultimate cake on the icing.  


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Toronto is the only realistic show for me and I didn’t even bother with PTBM or the onsale date. Last time there were tons of great tickets floating around for wicked cheap (although, yeah, ultimately I drove from Ottawa to Toronto to hug three people in a parking lot and then not see a concert) so I didn’t feel compelled to make a mad dash at onsale. And if I get burned because of it, well then hooray that so many people are enjoying this band again! 

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1 hour ago, Velvet said:

I think Toronto lawns will be part of Live Nation's annual "$20 concerts at Ontario Place" thing.  If so, I'll be down with that.

I think last time I snagged a pair of 200s for $25 total, or thereabouts. I seem to recall having the pick of the pavilion for that price, aside from the pit. Granted this was PBD (Pre-Baker’s Dozen).

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1 hour ago, phorbesie said:

The MSG rumours are going around again.... July 17-20. Guess we'll find out fairly soon if it's true or not.

i've already committed to seeing Kim Mitchell that week though :D. Velvet is super excited about it!

Ahem...that's Kim Mitchell and David Wilcox...on the same bill!  I'm confident that people will be flying in from around the continent for this, if not the world.

It's not like Phish hasn't played at MSG before.

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