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Fri Jan 24th: Daft Punk Live Tribute at Mod Club Theatre

Jay Funk Dawg

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 Toronto’s own 8-piece band plays the music of Daft Punk – return to the stage in January 2020.



The Daft Punk Tribute are:

La-Nai Gabriel- Keys / Vocoder / Sax / Lasers
Aphrose – Vocals
Nevin Dunn- Tenor Sax / Vocals
James Ervin- Trumpet / EWI / Guitar
Matt Giffin- Keyboard / Vocals
Mike Eckert- Guitar
Michael Carrillo- Drums
Ryan Spratt – Bass

Special guest DJ: Sara Simms

GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS: $22.60 + HST & Service Charges (available at Soundscapes, Rotate This, Play De Record, and online: https://www.ticketweb.ca/event/daft-punk-tribute-mod-club-tickets/10023755 )

VIP BALCONY TICKET: $45 + HST & Service Charges

– Only 100 Tickets Available
– Exclusive VIP Balcony Access with Private Bar
– Personal Concierge to escort you into venue (text on arrival)
– Line Bypass

(available online only at: https://www.ticketweb.ca/event/daft-punk-tribute-mod-club-tickets/10023755 )


Friday January 24, 2020

9:30 pm - 1:30 am


Cover: $22.60 + HST & Service Charges

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I wonder if the world of live performed music will get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule. Is this a reflection of what the audience wants? Imitation because of its familiarity? And if it's not even close to the quality of the original, why bother with poor imitation? Is it just familiarity, accessibility and nostalgia rolled into a sub-par copy? Or is the demand for the original music so great it creates copies simply to satisfy it?

In that vein, I'm working on a new (old) music festival called Really Dead Fest featuring nothing but Grateful Dead cover bands. Cant see how that wouldn't be a success. Also, its probably already been done.




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I feel ya bro.

i have some reservations against cover bands although I have played in those types of bands over the years. 

This show will be a lot of fun, the band has arranged the music for a full horn section, keys, bass, guitar, drums, lasers, multiple vocalists.. 

it's not about artistic expression, its about having fun.  Going out on a Friday night is about having fun - and Daft Punk doesn't tour so here's a way to enjoy their music played live.

Some great musicians on the line up members of Tupperware Remix Project, Maylee Todd, KC Roberts & Live Revolution, The Royals...   


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4 hours ago, c-towns said:

Your dislike of cover bands is not going unnoticed. I would be more interested in hearing some new, original music recommendations from you instead of reading about you cutting up what working musicians choose to play live.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone in this day of the woke individual. I'm simply curious to know what other people think about the preponderance of cover bands and what it says about the choices music audiences are making, not necessarily the performers themselves (though the two are obviously related). Are the musicians I'm apparently cutting up following the lead of the audiences who want to see/hear cover music? Or are they making the choice ahead of demand, believing the audience prefers it?

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a. c-towns ain't "woke"

b. " will [we] get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule "......hell no, it would've happened decades ago

c. as JFD said " its about having fun.  Going out on a Friday night is about having fun "

d. we're all gettin old and our perspective is also whack on a number of levels. me especially.




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I love original music and regularly support it all the time.  

I also love listening to talented musicians tip their hats to and or reinterpret covers.  

I'm not sure one detracts from the other or that its a zero sum game. 

If its good its good and if it moves me it moves me.

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