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Goose and TAB Tour


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Trey Anastasio Band (w/ Goose)
UPMC Events Center; Moon, PA

Location: DFC Behind SBD
Source: Schoeps mk22 (30cm @ 60 degrees)> nbob actives> Naiant PFA> Sound Devices Mixpre6 (Channels 1&2 @ 24/48)
Transfer: Sound Devices Mixpre6> Macbook Pro> Reaper> FLAC
recorded and transferred by Phishrabbi <phishrabbi@kasvot.net>

One Set:
Everything’s right
Camel Walk
Cayman review
Alive Again
Love is what we are
Gotta Jiboo
Burlap sack and pumps
Simple twist up Dave
Hey stranger
Money love and change
Push on till the day
Banter (Goose Enters)
Encore break
More (acoustic)
Number line (acoustic)
Suzy Greenberg



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Just seeing this thread now. I was also in Syracuse. When in with an open mind for Goose but was fully expecting to find them a little self indulgent noodly for my tastes, but I really enjoyed them. What a great night of music. Had been too long since I danced like that.

Horn section really does it for me with TAB. Every time. 

Great crew and glad that we managed to skirt around the crazy weather that could have disrupted the whole thing.

Nice size venue too.



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Edger! Bummer that we missed you. 

I thought the show was absolute fire, and exactly what we were hoping for. Goose were fantastic and had the whole arena locked in like it was a 100-person club show. They were obviously super focused and their playing was tight as hell. TAB was a blast, just like they always are. And I loved the interplay between Trey and Rick from Goose. It's one thing to see Trey play with someone else as a sit-in or one-off, but it was clear that he and Rick have been pushing each other on this tour, and it was a real treat to watch them taking risks and playing off of each other. Call and response, solos, guitarmonies, so much going on. Spectacular, really. 

We ended up sitting basically in the front row beside the stage (the section was almost entirely empty, which was odd for a sold-out GA show). I posted a couple of pictures and a video clip here:


From that vantage point we could really see the interplay among the members of both bands, on and off stage. It was fun to see them work things out on the fly (not a setlist or chart anywhere in sight), and we were able to watch them huddle up and plan the encore before they headed back out. Super cool.

Awesome running into Phorbesie and Northern Wish, too, both entirely coincidentally. 

The drive home was a little nuts heading right through that snowstorm. We didn't get back to Ottawa until around 4:00 on Saturday morning, but it was entirely worth it. Such a beauty of a night. 

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