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crossing the border...


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I went over on a bus thru NY for string cheese in july, first you get off the bus, put your bag in front of you and a dog sniffs it

then you go into an immmigration building and they ask for your ID, you better not have a record or you will be shut down. they tried to shut me down there but im half a yankee so they cant. then after the ID is a luggage ceck. i never had to go thru that, i was deported somewhere else.

but its tougher going on a bus then in a car i find

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Personally, I'd recommend having something in addition to a drivers licence - passport or birth cert. are best. Sometimes they'll give you a hard time 'cus a licence technically doesn't establish nationality since people from outside Canada can get a drivers licence here.

Usually at the border they're not as picky, but these days I'd be safe rather than sorry - particularly if you're, shall we say "off-white", like myself. Sad but true - ask Rohinton Mistry.



Mr. M.

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Bus bad, car better. And secondtube is right, they want Birth certificate first, picture id second. Best if you give them to the person at once.

No drugs on the bus. Risky enough in the car. I have taken the bus across the border on one occasion and YES, they did search my shit. Be careful and safe dude. And always tell the truth. The border people above all else are trained to spot people who lie. When you lie you twitch, stutter, squirm etc. Be relaxed and tell the truth when you cross and you're in the clear. Also know all the facts of your trip and be able to tell the border guy/girl exact details. they like that.

Oh ya, one more thing. Dont tell them you are going to Phish. Tell them you're going to see the Everyone Orchestra. They will ask you who that is and so you drop names like ekoostik hookah and Leftover Salmon but say it confidently. They will seem confused because they have never heard of those guys but if you are confident enoough, they will wave you through. Condident but not snotty.

These are a few things i have learned on my at least 200 border crossings over the past 10 years.

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If you are going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth.

I would never lie about who I'm going to see. What's the point?

Do you know that if you have tix on you, and they ask where you're going, search you, find PHISH tickets....what do you think is going to happen then?

It probably wouldn't be good.

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"you godda HOOP dee half ounce"

kidding... a line from a buddy's song...

above advice is good... cross over sober and smiling... don't take chances on the bus especially... you can hook up around the show...

"you going to be taking any drugs at this Fish concert?"

"no sir, they're one of the greatest bands in the world and I've always wanted to see them play." *big genuine smile*

answer questions short and to the point

have a phantastic weekend one and all!!

[big Grin][Eek!][Razz]

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Yeah birth certificates, no drugs, smiles, no reek of pot from the to-the-border-last-of-the-good-shit-for-a-while-doobie in the car when you roll up.

ive had weird luck though,, crossed with 2 garbage bags full of clothes on the back, but they were green garbage bags, i thought we would be there for hours while they looked thru the bags, but they didnt even want to see my ID.

when they asked where i was going on the bus, i said string cheese, they had no clue whatsoever who that was.

for me its not only my birth certificate its my american mothers passport as well,, to prove im half american,, what a fuggin hassle

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