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People that got B-Roo tix...


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How long did it take for a confirmation email to arrive after submitting your request?

I submitted all my info (credit card, etc) but then I got the 'too many users' message before it said my transaction was accepted.

So now I have no idea if I got the tickets or not and don't want to take the chance on ordering again, since I ordered 8 and it was over a grand American.

Until June 12, I hate Bonnaroo.


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My confirmation email arrived immediately. I too went through the too many user thing and ended up emailing them to find out if I did in fact have tickets. To make a long story short I was told you DO NOT have tickets unless a confirmation # apears after you submit your info. I took me about 10 tries before I finally got the confirmation screen to come up. Good Luck!

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Order #107####

Thank you for your order.

Jun 13 2003 Bonnaroo Music Festival

3 Day Pass

International Shipping

Shipping - $15.00

Total Tix Cost $269.00

Convenience Charge $21.00

TOTAL $305.00

You have just purchased Bonnaroo Music Festival's

3-day pass. The Bonnaroo Music Festival is to take place in Manchester,

Tennessee on the weekend of June 13-15, 2003. Please visit www.bonnaroo.com

for more information.

All tickets for the festival will be shipped on Tuesday, May 20 via 2

Day Air, please remember to have your tickets shipped

to an address where you will be in late May.

We've created some fantastic packages on Bonnaroo merchandise including the Bonnaroo CD & DVD together for only $38.99!! To purchase this and for special pricing on other Bonnaroo items, please go to http://stores.musictoday.com/bonnaroo

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service

Department at tix@musictoday.com or 800-594-TIXX.

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Thanks for the help everybody:

I just got the f**king tickets after 7 hours!!

I can think of one way to better Bonnaroo next time around. I won't say though. It's not a mystery.

Here I come, giant traffic jam in 4 months!! Hope to see you all there!


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