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Diesel Dog @ The Pepper Jack Cafe**TONIGHT**


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Uncle Funguy Productions Presents

Friday Feb.28 2003

Diesel Dog

@ The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William st. Hamilton


19+ $5.00 Cover

Diesel Dog have been tearing it up!So you know this will be a great show! [big Grin]

Come on out and shake your bones!!

Again as always those not smiling will be tickled [Wink]

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Not that lucky [Frown]

We had Dubmatic on thursday,Dave Hill's(Fat Cats)b-day.Great night,Dave was even on guitar,Chris Briscoe got up and sang a few,Paco Cameron showed up for a insane version of Celcia with Briscoe singing,just amazing.

Dubmatic(Reggae/dub) every thursday at The Pepper Jack Cafe $4 cover

Looks like a great three night run at Pepper Jacks..........

Dubmatic>Diesel Dog>BNB [Eek!]

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Wait a second Esau. Wasn't it you that convinced me to go see the Smoothies on Friday nights? Now you're telling me to see Deisel Dog on Friday nights? And just to make matters worse, Brian Griffith plays Ivory's on Friday nights. What's a music-loving, light-footed, long-haired, party-lovin' fella supposed to do? [Wink]

I love being overwhelmed. I even like the way the word is spelt: There's something weird about that "whelm" combination. Hmmmm...

Wow, I have even got started tonight yet. Oh, oh, this is going to be trouble!

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Yo Dieseldoug,what time is the crew all heading down to hamilton?I talked to chillydog

and he said a few of us could crash at his place.The thing is he's working nights,so he will not be coming to the show.He said he gets done work at 6:00am so i'm not to sure what time he goes in.I'm thinking around 8:00 or 9:00pm.Not to sure if the belly is still living with him or not?So let me know what time your heading down FAULKER!!!!


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belly (dave kapel) was the bass player in the very first band i was ever in - 'the SCRAGS' - we sucked but fuck we could drink -

anybody here remember that party Jake Willits threw in Port Dover in 1990? Jacobs Ladder and the Scrags played- trevor doomernick fell off his drum seat in the middle of the drum solo in 'IN A GADDA DA VIDA' but kept the solo going anyway!

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Oh yea bro,

You'll see me there,I work the door and was talking to Ian when I booked it.

C-ya there and at Dave's,He beat me to it this time and just called a party instead of me bringin' one to him......hahahaha

Dave kicks ass,great dude.

I know Bill well also,and his ex and her sister,all the Cali-boogie crowd from the late 80's.

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