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Cincinatti - Cinci -NUTTY!


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Hey folks,

Back from Cinci. I'm sorry you all couldn't have been there. What you are about to read may be construed as hyperbole but I assure you, it is not. The two shows I saw this weekend officially broke into my top five...ever. You can read the reviews elsewhere. The energy on the first night was like nothing I've ever felt. It was so high energy , most of us were so tired we could barely dance at the end. The setlists may speak for themselves but get these shows Each set is a gem! If I had to summarize, night one they tried to kill me, night two , they gave me enough soul-juice to push through to summer.

Musical top five (in order)

5. Piper>Weekapaug

4. DWD


2. Tube

1. Bathtub Gin

I don't know. I'm babbling and on a high right now. Good to see those who I saw, sorry I missed those I did. Wow, just, wow.

PS Who called my room at 4:30am or so last night?

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those shows were in my top 3 definitly

i dont know if they can beat first row in toronto though...... about ten feet from trey to the right, damn that was a fun show,, but i got my entire wishlist just on friday in cincy. that was kickass, light shows were amazing

the guy that dropped his pants in Hood was a great site hahaha

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I actually heard of a few fights in the lots, and my buddy was talkign to this one kid who was telling him trey hated him, calling my buddy a custie and saying hes gonna stab him

cinci NUTTY indeed

ive never been to a show and got offered pharmies as often as cinci

i want pie not pills

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and less schwillys [Roll Eyes]

Nothin crazier than Graham just takin a raincheck on the ride back to the hotel. The next day, Kev (driver of the van) comes into our room and says "thanks for puttin the crazies in our car" Hilarious. They just ended up back at the hotel anyway and more of their beer for us [big Grin]

I was sooooo bummed about losing those shows. enjoy them for a while and i'll see you at a show sometime and hook up a trade of sorts.

Cincinnati was THE BEST TIME i have ever had guys, till the next one,


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