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Nelly on the Grammys


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The best response is to vote with your wallets.

and, seemingly, worst...................

I see it lost his band-aid too.

You know what I find disturbing, and I shouldnt, but I see kids>young adults sporting band-aids as well. Do they have a bro/sis in jail too? Do they support Nelly's bro doing time? Is it just cool looking? Do they like to show they like Nelly's music?

"Its all too much, for me to take."

Sure, I like wearing black t-shirts from time to time, and I even brand a wig/beard, but this is just weird to me.

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Anyone see this? Talk about bad taste. He performs a song "it's getting hot in here" with big flames behind him on the big screen. It is complete with pyrotechnics and a verse in it goes "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!!!"

There are few things I can think of that are more insensitive than that.


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I don't care for Nelly's music, but I now have a deep dislike for him as a person. And to think that CBS was going to censor musicians who spoke out against the Iraq situation, while at the same time letting Nelly get away with something as insulting, insensitive, and idiotic as that.

And where are the music journalists on this? In the after-show interviews, they should have shredded him for that one.



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