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Saturday Cinci on livephish!

Mr. Musicface

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Originally posted by Schwa.:

personally, i think 12-2-99 had that one beat. i was at both and ya they were both stupendous, but i think palace show had cinci beat.

I hear ya Schwa, that 12/2/99 Gin is insane-o!! Its definitely my fav as well.. But I'm yet to hear Saturday's Gin from Cincinnati. Can't wait!

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What a gin, best one ive heard, i havent heard that 12-2 though. me and jay both called weekapaug at the same time,, it was priceless makin eye contact at that pooint, we both knew it was on.

i called the tube 2nd set opener on saturday, but jay was rockin the calls out all night friday

was anyone staying in that hotel that caught on fire?

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