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Summer festivals


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I'm liking the looks of the Adirondack Mountain Music Fest - a very eclectic lineup and a great location in the middle of nowhere from what I can tell. And very close for people in the Peterborough - Kingston - Ottawa area.

These two testimonials on their site tweaked my interest:

"Culling artists from all over the sonic roadmap, the AMMF rocked and swayed back and forth, righteous and ideal at times; shaky on the verge of insanity at others. The music was stellar and genuine day in and night out… the weekend was epic."

Jambase.com (2002)

"I've been going to music festivals since the 1960s, and this was the most picturesque festival site I've ever come across. The stage was set up on a sandy beach along the edge of a lake, and the stunning panorama from the concert area was something else."

The Revolving Door Magazine (2002)

Peace, Mark

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And lets not forget our official summer festival kickoff at Frontier Town during the May long weekend.

Come Together Music Fest

May 16, 17, 18

confirmed for Saturday: Wassabi Collective, nero, Mark Wilson & The Way It Is

confirmed for Sunday: The Slip, Guesthouse, Friends of Hefner

Lots more info to follow in the near future!!!

Peace, Mark

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Don't be forgettin'

The Spring Shaker!!!

The Shakedown for 2003!

Friday, May 31:

4:30 Gates open

7PM- 10PM- The Aaron Macdonald Band

10PM-11PM- break

11PM- 2AM- Raisinhill

2AM- 3AM- break

3AM- daylight- Nero

Saturday, June 01:

2PM- 5PM- Fat Jebus

5PM- 6PM- break

6PM- 9PM- Tala

9PM- 10PM- break

10PM- 1AM- The Wassabi Collective

1AM- 2AM- break

2AM- daylight- Grand Theft Bus & The Jimmy Swift Band, seamless

I think there may be more bands too come,but if not this is still one crazy little festival in St.Andrews,New Brunswick.

Only 500 or so can check out this insanity in the bush and on the ocean!!So get on it!!

Check it out....................

Woodbourne Farm

Thats some crazy time slots also....man I can't wait!!

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Holy, those quotes about last year's Adirondack sound pretty damn good! I'd love to make it down there for that weekend. I believe last year's had Granola Funk Express, The Wailers, and several other great acts.

Has anyone been to that festival venue in Mariaville, NY? Its where they host Max Creek's annual festival, and a few others.. Just wondering what that place is like.

Scotty used to bring a few Canadian acts down for Scottpaluza back in the day.. BNB, Fat Cats, Jomomma, etc. I wish this trend would continue!

Also, I'm putting together a little write-up for the front page, just a brief preview of the Canadian summer music festivals. It won't be completely comprehensive (its a brief write-up) but will include some info on the upcoming CTMF's, Evolve, Hillside, St. Andrew's.. I'm looking for any more info that should be included in this. What's goin' on out in Alberta/BC? Another Kaleidescope? Email me at kevo@jambands.ca" target="_blank if you've got some info. Thanks!

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