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pix from Cinci


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Originally posted by \/\/illy:

Holy shit Brad. You must have been sitting almost right beside me to have taken that shot. Messed up!

If you mean me, I didn't take the shot. (I wasn't even at the show.) I just read through the HTML source on the thumbnail web page and figured out how to get at the full-on image. I in no way intended to make it appear as if I, rather than Tooly, had taken the shot; he deserves all the credit (and a massive amount of credit, at that).



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i wish i could take credit for those pics,, but i cant,, i didnt take them, i dont know who did,, i found them on another msg board and figured some of the skanks here would like to see em

weird how it turns out that there are skanks in the photos too


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