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Roadside Attraction at 33 Hess in Hamilton


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Hey hey - got word last night about this gig.

Those of you around my age (28) may remember Roadside Attraction, a fine band from the Hamilton area, who gigged regularly around Ontario from 1993-1996. Their line-up included future Fat Cats keyboard player Ron Eliot, guitarist Les Cooper, drummer Tone Valcic, and bass player Dino -can't spell his last name- and guitarist/singer Eric -can't remember his last name- . [Roll Eyes]

They were a great band and - being contemporaries of Days Of You and the Fat Cats - a real precursor to the scene we currently enjoy.

Anyway, they are apparently having a one-off reunion gig Thursday February 27 at 33 Hess in Hess Village in Hamilton.

Should be interesting!

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