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this has just got to be fantastic!


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DAMMIT!!! someone beat me to the punch again,, ive been thinking about making a video like girls gone wild only name it lot girls gone wild or something

shit i should have started that a while ago when i thought it up the first time

maybe ill do "when wookies attack" for fox

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Tooly, that just had me on the floor..........

Detroit '95

3o minutes after the Dead, we witnessed approx 15-25 Wooks chasing 3 local yocals and 'trying' to attack them. We were quite blasted, and there was nothing we could do but giggle at the absurdity. I felt bad for laughing, but no one was getting hurt, and the three dudes were easily getting away.

Ever seen a hippie throw a punch?

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hahaha bouche yeah ive seen em throw down

its never pretty is it

see thats why i want to hit up tour with a vidcam this summer and catch priceless moments like those

does anyone else go here? i think its hilarious till i found some of my friends pics up there, they didnt put them up either, but its still fun for a few minutes www.w00ks.org

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