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Discussion Item of the Day 02-27-03


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Have you ever met anyone famous?

I once met Gordy Tap in a shopping mall. He's the guy formerly of Hee Haw and now does the Ultramatic Bed commercials. I got an autographed picture when I was about 6.

The most fabulous famous person I met was John Candy. He was the brother-in-law of one of my mother's employees. We had a home office that she worked out of and John Candy came to pick her up from work one day. I walked into the office and there he was larger than life sitting on the waiting sofa. I think I went "OH MY GAWD!" and then ran out of the room. He knocked on my bedroom door a few minutes later (with my mom's permission) and introduced himself to me. He was embarrassed that I was so shy around him.

Nice guy. HUGE! And he liked a lot of pepper on his Kraft dinner.

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i had lunch with stevie starr,, you know that guy that swallows coins and goldfish and shit? i saw him on ripleys, believe it or not a few weeks ago, i thought he looked familiar then it all came back,, when iwas in hs i co oped at mohawk in the entertainment part, i loaded in bands, chilled with them in their dressin room made sure they had all the shit they wanted, same went with the comedians that came in. that stevie starr was crazy we went for lunch at kelseys, he sprayed butane down his throat, blew a bubble and lit it, big fireball, but what got me was swallowing sugar and bringing it back up dry. [Confused]

i met the tea party and big sugar and age of electric and the headstones when i as there too but i dug that guy that swallowed coins and brought thm up by date. weird

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1) Warren Haynes at the Mule show 2 weeks ago

2) Mike Gordon at the Lemonwheel

3) Local hero Fergie Jenkins...nicest man ever!! I'm so glad Dusty gave him a gig with the Cubbies!!

4) Lorenzo Lamas...fuggin dork

5) Sammy Hagar....nice dude. He was Jerry's neighbour in Marin for a while.

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i've had lots of chance encounters.....hulk hogan in front of me going through the metal detector in o'hare in 1986 when he was huge, talking to harry bellafonte in a gallery in tribeca......i never remember them until the persons name comes up.

but the only real sociial outing with a star was with muhammed ali. i had spent the afternoon at his house (i went to school in a small town in michigan where he lives) and then we ( my friend mike, muhammed and me) decided we would go to a magic show that night. we went in seperate cars....he was still driving then....i don't think he is now. and i had to stop at my place to pick up some stuff, and he waited in my driveway in his rolls ( i don't know why that's my favorite part of the story). afterwards we went back to his house again and he did magic tricks for us all evening.......he's a big magic buff.

that's my story

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I sat and had a few pints (well...to be completely honest, they drank beer and I drank rum & cokes) with the band Spirit of the West when I was in college (you know - the band that plays the crazy Easterner song "Home for a Rest"). They came to play in the college pub and about 15 people came out. So they played a few sets and then sat down with us all and we hung out for the rest of the night.

I also got to meet the Barenaked Ladies when I was in high school. I won tickets through the Toronto Sun for front row seats and backstage passes. They signed a whole bunch of stuff, farted and left...all before they REALLY hit it big, back in the Gordon days.

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I met the BNL as well. I went to the same highschool as two of them.

Hey, me too! I think we went to different high schools though Ms. Hux, I went to Mowat where the Creeggan's went - and I'm a little older than you so I was actually there when they were there! In fact, we used to play in the variety show pit band and choir together, and my first time playing harmonica on-stage was in their r&b/blues band - I played the solo on the Huey Lewis tune "Working For A Living". Talented buggers, good guys and good days! [big Grin]

My best remembered encounter with a famous person was meeting a number of the Leafs at a practice - a brother of a friend worked there and got us in. Biggest thrill - meeting Wendel Clark! Nice guy, he was really tired after practice and obviously just wanted to get out of there, but he did talk to us for a minute or two.


Mr. M.

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Yeah AD and Reba seem to have this locked. I guess musicwise I've got a bit of competition, my favourites being Levon Helm, Rick Danko and more recently Garth Hudson (all signed my Big Pink) and Bob Dylan's idol Ronnie Hawkins. Spent some nice time rapping about french poetry with Gord Downie twice, french lit with Sarah Harmer, sold pot (or was with guys selling) to Allan Woody and Warren, met Warren again at the show but they were all a bit spun- myself included. Lots of other minor characters.

I actually 'ran' into Gordo at the Clifford Ball at one of the disco/nitrous parties, a great Shakedown was playing and I was just raging out, saw racoon eyed Gordo off his golfcart ran up to him, but of course up close he didn't look like he does from a hundred yards away so I just kiboshed the whole thing and he stood there laughing at me but I still didn't really clue in. Sucks I totally wanted to talk to him about Wagner and Nietzsche and shit.

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If you enjoy golf, you might find this interesting.

In '97 when I was working as a Customs Agent for RevCan I had this guy in my line (at Rainbow bridge) who had all this merchandise and gave some really weird answers. Finally dude just spits out he's a professional golfer. I hate indirect conversations. Anyway,

I say: "Who are you?"

He says: "Mike Weir."

I say: "Am I supposed to know who you are?"

He says: "No, but you will."

I think: "Sure buddy. Next."

So I go home and tell my dad a huge golf enthusiast, and he has no idea who this guy is.

Then a few years later I hear about some Canadian who's making a name for himself in golf, think he looks familiar and it dawns on me. I let him go through that day in July with all these prizes.


P.S. That summer was also my first tast of Phish, as all these kids were coming from, I don't know Oswego maybe, whatever, anyway they crossed at my bridge because it's Highway 420 through Niagara Falls. They were all dirty and smelling, and I couldn't figure out what the deal with the girls in skirts over pants was. They kept telling me they were going to see Phish, and I was like "who??" (you're probably thinking I'm pretty uninformed, but when it's hot and people are giving you the stupidest answers known to man, you really lose all connection with what's going on.) It was then I began to dispell the myth of any Operation PhishFry at the border. As a bridge and a seravice, we didn't know, and we didn't care. Too many scum going oto the casino. There must have been a show in Detroit, because most were in transit between USA and USA, via the 401. I got into phish two years later because of a boyfriend. funny eh, how things come around.

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Growing up in Stratford you get to meet lots of cool people once in a while. Someone mentioned Richard Manuel; his mother lived down the street from me. Lloyd Robertson grew up a few houses down fom there and Peter Mansbridge now lives a block in the other direction. Loreena McKennit lives just out of town on a farm, but here studio is on top of a restaurant right downtown so everyone sees and talks to her.

However, it's really too bad that most times Stratford makes you want to slice your eyes open and go bobbing for lemons.

But yeah... Sarah Polley... -


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I'm envious AD. My aunt was friends with Sarah's late mother Dianne MacMillan. You lucky dog. Sarah's a great actress with integrity.

I have met lots of famous people over the years. Here's 9 of my favouites:

1 - My family is family friends with the Cherry clan. I know Ron MacLean too.

2 - I had dinner with Oscar winner ( For: On The Waterfront ) Eva-Marie Saint. I'd marry her in a second, and I don't care if she's over 70!

3 - I said to Tie Domi at a wake that I liked " some of the Leafs " after he asked me if I was a Leaf fan. He visibly frowned.

4 - I chatted with Buddy Guy last year and told him that his new album, Sweet Tea, was the best thing he's ever done. He said: " You have excellent taste man ".

5 - I've met Derek Trucks twice and Jimmy Herring once. I actually babbled to Jimmy for 15 minutes when Jazz Is Dead played the Comfort Zone.

6 - Alvin Youngblood Hart was a great guy, especially because he put up with my drunken ramblings last year at the Silver Dollar.

7 - 10 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting blues legends: Elvin Bishop, L'il Ed of the Blues Imperials, Katie Webster and Koko Taylor. They all played the Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Tour at the Phoenix Concert Hall.

8 - Dave Foley of Kids In The Hall. He looked fat when I met him 2 years ago, but friendly.

9 - Last but not least, I had the chance to meet my favourite actor Bruce Campbell ( Evil Dead I, II, Army Of Darkness, Spiderman and Bubba Ho-Tep fame ) last year at a book signing. I even argued with him over the year when the Evil Dead first got released onto video. I said 1981. He said 1983. I guess I was arguing with the wrong guy.

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Iggy Pop apologized to me after stepping on my foot at an MMW show at the Guvernment back in 1999.

Mike Gordon apologized to me after stepping on my foot after a Phish show at the Concert Hall back in 1993.

Warren Haynes helped us to sneak an underage friend into a Gov't Mule show at the Opera House back in 1996 (maybe it was '97?). He let him carry his guitar in through the stagehands' door at the rear of the building as part of the "crew".

Daniel Lanois and Colin Cripps bought me drinks one night at the old Ragin' Cajun in Hamilton, circa 1997 or '98.

I swear Bob Wiseman was following me around for about a month in Hamilton in 1997. He was everywhere - the Gown & Gavel, La Luna, Ragin' Cajun, the (now gone) Togo Salman cafeteria at McMaster... and then one night, he offered MarcO half of his carrot muffin from Tim Hortons. Strange.

No dates with Sarah Polley, though. [Frown]


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How big are your feet Hamilton?

I forgot that I met and talked to all the members of The North Mississippi Allstars on two different occassions. The last time being when humongous bassist Chris Chew hit on my girlfriend. He even gave her his business card. Big Daddy went on the tour bus unhappy that night.

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