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Ellis Marsalis and sons 26.02.03

Mr. Phantasy

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After reading a few reviews, i decide to go and enjoy this beautiful evening of some of the best jazz i`ve ever heard. Summer time jazz festival always becomes a highlight for me, but in the middle of winter, and at one of my favourite venues,... a show like this one was not to be missed. I suppose the sets were all alike, after checking some other reviews on this page. But still i was in awe. If anyone ever hears of this composition (someone already mentioned) called: `Hesitation`that either Branford or Wynton wrote... check it out!

alls i can say is that it was a great show and is not to be missed in the coming tour dates.

usually i come out of a jazz show feeling as though it was too short. After an aprox. 50 min 1st set, interm., then a super New Orleans style set and encore, i came out of there feeling like i had soacked it all up. Not too short, not too long, the perfect jazz show (i know i`m babbling...) Genuine good show! [big Grin]

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