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Leaf fans step inside....


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ouch ouch ouch... Leafs backline just cannot withstand aggressive Western Conference forechecking.

I am beginning to think that Vancouver has the best chance of any Canadian team to go all the way, 2 weeks ago I was thinking T.O.

Either way, Chelios is the ugliest m*****f***** I have EVER SEEN!!!

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Until Ottawa and/or Vancouver win it all, neither team can be considered a favourite to hoist the Cup. Dallas/Colorado have to be the favourites out of the west ( considering their playoff success ) and only Detroit out of the east. As every Canadian hockey fan knows, both Ottawa and Vancouver haven't proven anything in the playoffs.

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Detroit will have to ride Bettman hard to be the fav's in the east. [Wink]

And the favs in the East really are the Leafs and Devils. Ottawa has a lot to prove, and are having a good year, but come on skeletons in the closet. And Checkmanic (sp?) can't get it done for Philly.

See ya in June.

Go RoboRoberts!!

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Uh... guys?

The Red Wings are in the West, eh? And yes... neither Ottawa nor Vancouver has done anything in the playoffs YET. But there's afirst for everything isn't there? That's why they play the games.

I'm liking Cujo in red... red light that is as seems to be the case this year!! Dallas IS scary, I'll give you that... but MAN ARE THEY A BORING HOCKEY TEAM!!! Colorado? We'll see... 2 lines is pretty thin for the playoffs my friend. Detroit? Well... what can you say about Detroit that they don't make you eat every year? We'll see this year. If not for that bad goal Cloutier let in last year, the Wings might have been done in 4 courtesy of Vancouver.

As for the East... You gotta like T.O. (as much as I hate that being from Van!), Ottawa are much better, tougher, stronger in goal and more experienced than last year so my fingers are crossed... and Jersey always has a chance with Brodeur.

I REALLY want to see the Cup NORTH of the Border this year... and our prospects are looking good right now.

Markus Naslund - NHL's LEADING SCORER!!

Dan Cloutier - 2nd in the NHL in wins

Todd Bertuzzi - Todd Bertuzzi (what can you say?) and last but not least... the Vancouver playoff MASTER... THE REAL TREVOR LINDEN IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!

Go 'Nucks!!

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