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Ok now lets get serious here...

This is the seond " I was supposed to go to this show" where shit went down!

First being 97 when the merry pranksters joined the boys at Darien...

i am soo jealous of everyone that was lucky enough to hear this show... not just the destiny mind u... gimme a break a soul shakedown party too?

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Holy moly is really all ya can say about that show. holy friggin moly. [big Grin]

the destiny was awesome, and no most of the audience was not singing the first verse. amazing audience though, quiet respectful, loud and crazy. The audience was singing for bouncin and bathtub gin, really really loud!

The energies were simply spine tingling (especially between 2nd set and encore, non-stop craziness, people really didn't know what to do but yell and clap and smile and yell some more).

Soul Shakedown Party-- when trey is up there singing those lines something like 'there's going to be a soul shakedown party tonight' you just know the rest is gonna be maddness, and it truly was one of the best soul shakedown's i have ever been a part of. the show left ya ....spent.

I'm going to stop know, cause it really is undescribeable. all i can say is highlights included EVERYTHING but Birds of a feather (not a big fan) and walls of the cave,not saying they were weak at all, just good which i guess is relative because the rest was super dancingly delicious. The boys and the whole place was just plain 'on'. Great Shakedown strip as well, with suprisingly for nassau little police present except arond the entrances. Please I beg you all go to Nassau when Phish plays there! Last show i saw there was april 3 98 with a second set simply of Roses>Piper>loving cup>antelope.

thats it thats all. then the encore had a haley's comet, carini, and tweezer reprise with NO tweezer played, and no unfinished tweezer from tour! Pink Floyd also played the wall, completely there, one of only two times in N.A. , i think.

anyhow it was crazy from beginning to end, made me as usual want to tour. Great to be back, great people, and great times.

If anyone is getting this show I would love to split with some peeps, if not I will buy it and spin it off for others.

phish, wow,

dancingbear [Eek!]

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Dude, I have to agree, Nassau was ridiculous. Destiny, what can you say? I didn't particularly enjoy the sound in the first set, but I had crap ass seats. I talked to this girl in Greensboro who said the sound sucked until set 2 as well, but she was Page side as well so maybe the problem was on the left side... Tweezer opened set 2... quite a weird, long jam, a Bowie (weird as well), and a Hood in the same set. So sweet. Nice 3 song encore as well, Mexican Cousin was really good, and a lot of energy for the Tweeprise. Greensboro, though... I'm still trying to wrap my head around that. Amazing venue, biggest indoor venue Phish has ever played (I heard). It was disgustingly huge, but no lines for anything. CK5 was putting on the sickest show I've ever seen, especially during the YEM vocal jam. Sickest show I've seen/heard of the tour, but there are still shows I haven't heard, so I'll reserve my opinion until after that.1st set highlights for me were: Foam, Lawn Boy, Divided. 2nd set: the whole thing, particularly R&R jam, Wilson, Piper, 2001 (too short), and a cappella Carolina on the side of the stage. Encore was SICK!!! First tube was nice, then they talked about it and busted out a PHAT YEM. Sick, sick, sick vocal jam, the a cappella Proud Mary was insane. Great show, insane drive from Nassau to Greensboro, then Gboro to Toronto. Totally worth it... Can't wait for Summer Tour. Get both of these shows!!! Sickness...

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