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how is this even news?


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A headline news brief on drudgereport...

"Wed Mar 17 2004 14:49:40 ET // America in 2050: Whites will be down to half the population /// By 2050 minority groups will make up 49.9 percent of the U.S. population, it will be reported Thursday. Asians and Hispanics will see the most dramatic increases between now and midcentury, cenusus sources explain, ahead of a news release... Filed By Matt Drudge... "

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Guest Low Roller


Originally posted by Vermontdave:

And LR, that award is considered VERY prestigious round about these parts

Anybody ever win the trifecta award of smelliest feet, loudest belch, and most repugnant B.O.? [Eek!][Wink]

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