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Question Of The Day- 3.18.04


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Originally posted by juan escondito:

relaxation = Brian Eno, Ambient 4 On Land.

Really?!? Funny how people hear things differently. I find that CD creepy (in a good way, I mean, I love it). It's like the sounds of subterranean insects scurrying about to me. But don't get me wrong - it's a classic.

Now Thursday Afternoon or Discreet Music or even Ambient 1:Music For Airports, those I find very relaxing. It's all good.

But when I want to chill out, it's James Taylor for me. His voice is like honey and he's a damn fine songwriter too.

Sometimes I like to put on James Taylor and lay out the hundreds of stealth photos of shainhouse I have on the floor and just sit there and weep.

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Originally posted by \/\/illy:

Originally posted by Crazy Joe Devola:
Pink Floyds Ummagumma.

That's the first album I ever owned. Nine years old listening to that in headphones every night before sleep. Explain anything?

(It's actually in my CD player right now: A leftover from a past weekend.)

same situation for me except with dark side of the moon! and i also think that might explain a little too. [Razz]
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Kind of clue

Beck - Sea Change

Yo La Tengo (I think it's there newest album, can't remember the name)

The Siket Disc

The Pumpkins - Adore

Radiohead - Kid A

Dark Side (Though Im not even a pink floyd fan, surprsingly)

Vic Chesnuut - The salesman and bernadette

i like to sleep [big Grin]

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