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interesting ABB tourdates


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Instigator just made me spit beer on my monitor, thanks [Wink]

Clifford Ball after the second show, we are sitting around our site somewhere about the 4am mark and this drunken biker comes by looking for beers. I am a number of hrs from sleep and even when I finally tried to, I just stared at the roof of my tent til it was time to get up. Well, that's neither here nor there but gives you an idea of the group's mindset. So, we feed him what's left of our cooler and laughed for a good chunk of his visit.

Anywho, at some point I say "Damn, that dude looks like Dickey Betts coming this way"

Well, did that send the biker on a tangent that I could never do justice. He went on about how "if it was Dickey, I would walk up and punch him right in the face." I couldnt fathom this, its like hitting Bob Weir to me, and I have to get him to tell me his story which revolved around Dickey grabbing 20$ (back in the 70's) from him so he could get Biker Dude a baggie

Dickey never came back, acted unknowingly everytime Biker Dude ran into him in the future, and this guy was holding a serious grudge. It was 1996! Needless to say, it was one of those moments you dont soon forget even though you do.

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