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Directions to The Pepperjack Cafe


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noticed that the Pepperjack Cafe website seems to be down so thought I'd put up the address and directions for anyone one heading in to nero tonight (or the Resinators/Guest House tomorrow)

The Pepperjack Cafe

38 King William Street

905 525 6666

and the directions I wrote up for SugarMegs last week:


from the highway(403), take Main St. east towards downtown...

about 5 minutes from the highway (past Dundurn, Locke, Queen, and Bay streets) take a left onto James St.

cross King St. (you'll see Jackson Square on your left at the corner of King and James) take a right at the next street (you can't go left or you would crash into the mall) thats King William St.

Pepperjacks is on that first block on your right (corner of King William and Hughson) you'll see a big sign for Fever Nightclub, Pepperjacks is right upstairs (entrance off King William)

(you might want to look for parking around James and King William on the street or there's a pay lot right next door to the club)


ps. - (I'm ready to rock!! [big Grin] )

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