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A short, beautiful, sad story.


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ok, yeah this is from PT but it made me laugh out loud. What a nice story! [big Grin] Have a great weekend!

About 3 yearsa ago me and all my close friends got arrested for pot. Being that we were minors they judicial system tried to "save" from a future in drugs by making sure that we never ingested anything for the following year. Frequent drugs tests toook place and we just had to bite the bullet. Anywho, we saved all our change and took donations towards what was called the "Pot pot" After the year of sobriety we had collected $1500 and put it towards tons of headies and an incredible bong with a glass frog climbing up the shaft, it was really part of all of us. Unfortunately I learned that today Frogger was destroyed by on of my buddies dads. I am devestated. The thing that kills me the most is that we have taken nug from his stash, kinda hippocritical. Anyway im in mourning, this sucks.

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